Thursday, November 1, 2007

Studying Like A Banshee

I woke up today with the most achy shoulders I've had since rock climbing, and I was slightly confused... Carving pumpkins couldn't cause this much strain.

And then I remembered carrying the six pumpkins across town in plastic bags, up stairs, down stairs, on buses.... I suppose that could have been some of the strain.

It was going to be a study day, today, as I have a test that's worth 50% of my grade tomorrow morning (I've expressed myself about this before, and it probably won't be the last time). I just can't express how much I feel this doesn't do any help in the least.

Looking at things before the test, I'll do. According to some factual crap I've read about years ago and had confirmed with a recent book I downloaded, our minds average to seven items in short term memory. This is usually the amount of things I need to learn anyway, so I cram them in. When I get to the test, I immediately write them down lightly on the side of my paper for future reference and refer back as necessary. With this has come the beauty of B-A tests. I'm sure my parents are very proud right now.

But I'm worried about this test because I know everything there is about the information except the people who basically patented the common sense knowledge. Every item is the same except for a little tweak, which makes it "completely different" and thus liable for another name to remember.

Have I mentioned that this class would be completely unneeded if people just did their jobs and weren't power hungry? Perhaps there would be less problems with communication if people were less selfish as well.

I guess my main jibe is the fact that I won't be really using this in the future, but I still have to take the class, whether in New Zealand or good ol' Minnesota. It goes with the career. I've never wanted to be the CEO of a major corporate company, which is what this class is based for. I suppose it's supposed to teach me why I shouldn't complain about any changes in a business, but all it's really making me do is complain more.

And as if things aren't bad enough, TV Links isn't working. Whether it's because Massey network has decided that it takes up too much bandwidth (they have limits here) or because the actual site is down, I have no clue. I'm just a little thankful that people are downloading Heroes so I can be up to date (and watch it without commercials!).

(Here's me trying to work TV Links while not studying... So much for breaks)

People here just watch really bad television, such as Home & Away, where if you get in the way, you'll have over ten spatting girls at you. They also enjoy movies such as Big Momma's House, Doom and (ugh) Pledge This! (watching it once wasn't good enough, apparently).

Oh, and did I mention that our yearbook I helped slave over probably won't be published? I used a good thirty-six hours compiling images to make montages, the front and back cover as well as creating a small essay about going abroad, taking some precious time I wanted to put towards other homework assignments (at the time, I was in hardcore study mode, much better than I am now, which is "I'm through with school" mode). One of the girls working on the yearbook (out of the four of us) decided not to pull her side of the block. The other RA helping us, Stu, said that it takes two weeks to print out, and without that information, he said that it'll take a few days to compile and won't be here until after next week (when I'll be gone). When I asked about me getting a copy, he said, "Oh, I don't know."

When I stared at him and blinked, he said, "Just give me your email and I'll PDF it for you, if I figure it out."

I kind of just turned back to my computer because I didn't want to say that I practically did more than half the yearbook anyway.

So, between being shafted for extracurricular work, studying for tests, not talking to one of my best friends over stupid feeling factors and bad television (I think bad television effects all of our lives in one way or another), I noticed that one of my Kiwi friends was filling out a form for finals.

His back broke when he was in the third grade and was inoperable. Thus, he's been on pain medication for most of his life, the strong stuff, which means that his days consist of either blinding pain or no pain with the side effects of nausea, random faints and dizziness (and while that none of that is fun, the random faints are particularly so, as he's about 6' 3" and 200 pounds). The sheet he was filling out was to let the teachers know about how any studying can be disrupted with all of these taken into consideration--pain or dream-like state.

"So, can I get one of those for all of the stress I've endured due to traveling in a new country, my dog dying, one of my best friend's father dying and so forth?"

"If it disrupts how the studying goes, yes." He read off a few of the things on the list that would cover my stress. "I wish I would have used it last semester. It makes a difference in the sense that it'll bring it up some percentage, like a C+ to a B-. Just enough. If I have an A or B+ or something, they won't bother, but something like that, sure."

I wish I would have looked into the matter, but feel it's too late now, with my final tomorrow morning (though this won't cause me to not look into it). I do feel that some things need to be taken into account. Though I also feel that Michael has a better reason. I'm reluctant to say that what I have is considered a "disability," but I will admit that with the actions of late are causing a bit more than just "normal" stress.

But is it okay to write "One of my gay friends confessed his love of more than a friend to me a few weeks before seeing each other for the first time in six months" or "I'm going back home to a forest fire during Thanksgiving" or "Your school system sucks with the test percentage" on a sheet of paper?

I think the disability for that is just a frustration with change.

All in all, I need to get going to bed. I'm getting up extra early to eat and set my mind into "test mode."

I guess I should be thankful that I'm not in Norway. Peder tells me that his tests are normally 6-8 hours, if not more.

Random Fact: Fish cough.

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