Friday, November 2, 2007

New Hats

I know I've promised myself over and over to make my own hat because I know I can, but when I saw this, I couldn't let it go. I got it for fifteen bucks, which is cheap for New Zealand (cheap for in the states as well). It's really warm, cute as hell and really matches me, I think.

The river behind me is this. I pass over it when I visit Devon, another American who was in my Poetry class. We both play video games (her more the FFXI, me the consoles), so we've hung out quite a few different times. In order to get to her house, I have to climb very steep stairs. The view makes up for it.

I got the hat at a fair in a neighboring town. Devon invited me, and it was extremely fun! We saw different types of cows, sheep, sheep dogs, guinea pigs, puppies, horses, pigs, bulls.... There were rides and games, but I wasn't as interested, as lugging home a huge stuffed animal wasn't pleasing, but also because it seemed expensive to me. The Carnies screw over people. I would have tried to get a goldfish, but they didn't have any.

I only spent twenty bucks, which is nice. Fifteen for the hat, five to enter the festival. I didn't get hungry. I was this close to getting a tattoo, but I didn't have my picture of the kiwi-bird I wanted. But I'll be getting it, no worries.

Yesterday was eventful as well, and I was a little too tired to write.

Gina and I went to Mickey's to get some ice cream and the like and chat, which was very fun, as we talked about anything. It's nice to talk to someone who's secure with whom they are, as you're okay with talking about anything and not having to change your opinion for fear of looking dumb.

Last semester, she had a best friend from the States, a boy named Marcus. Now that he's gone, she misses him much more than she thought she did, and since I have the same sort of accent, she'll talk about him and about the things they've done (great stories that make me laugh, especially since I know the other people in the stories).

They've only been keeping in touch through e-mail, so I mentioned, "You know, I have a bunch of extra minutes on my card. I'll bet we could find his number through the internet, and you could talk to him."

Two hours later (we had to wait for a decent hour to call), we had him on his cell phone.

It was one of the coolest experiences of my life to watch it happen, as they laughed over events in the past. They talked for a good half hour or so and were able to switch addresses and phone numbers for special occasions.

I guess the beauty was just in how happy Gina was to hear his voice. After she got off the phone, she was just so happy. And I was able to help with that.

So, I guess this means that, no matter what, I'll be doing my project. I'll work out the details when I get home. And it's not really work, though it'll take up time. I'm excited to start.

Random Fact: You burn more calories sleeping then watching TV

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Keal said...

i hope you like the shirt you are wearing in your picture. i was the one that picked it out