Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Is Halloween!

A day ahead, as usual ^_~

As you can see, carving was a huge success. I got six people to carve with me, and the pumpkins were only three bucks each (which they helped pay for).

I did the far right, wanting a Picasso image, but it didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped... I wanted to originally do Pac-Man, but Sara took the round pumpkin for herself, and the rest were very abnormally shaped and awkward sized. I didn't want to make a fuss, and I really didn't care so much--I've done this multiple times, and they've never done it.

Sara the the one next to mine, simple but good.

Michael's is next, which is upside down for a good reason. When he carved his mouth, it was very close to the ground, so I said it should be placed upside down. I think it turned out great.

The next is Sarah's, whom did a square and triangle eye.

J took forever to do his, but it was understandable as we got a head start on him and the pumpkins are very thick skinned. The face he chose to do reminded me of Jack Skellington.

The last one is a combination of Michael's talent with mine, the idea being we'd all add something to the pumpkin... But no one else did.

I thought the knotty part of the pumpkin looked like a scarred eye, and Michael wanted to try out the whole "carving half the pumpkin out" technique some people have done. When it came time for me to do a mouth, there was little room and anything could screw it up, so I did a slit. Later, we added a slit to the scar-eye and the knife poking out of it's head for character. We left the lid off to give it more air and to give it more light (the whole eye thing didn't quite work as we planned).

As far as I know, they're still all lit, as the RA's said we could keep them outside where we took the pictures. We got a lot of stares from people, and a lot of compliments. But I just think it was fun!

Afterwards, we went inside. we ate some candy, made popcorn, talked... Then we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was a blast. I love the movie more than I can say, and it was good to laugh at my favorite parts. It was rather sad when they asked me why it was one of my favorite movies, but they still enjoyed it. Sara thought it was a little more scary than it ought to be. I could see where she got the idea.

I didn't stay in my costume as long as I'd have liked to, mainly because of the long day I had.

I got up rather early, intending to go get pumpkins, but ended up taking the long ways, sending out postcards, checking places for Halloween things and winding my way through to Pac 'N' Save for the pumpkins (I got six, and they were heavy... You can imagine the stares I got when getting on, off, and buying them). When I got back, I was helping Sara figure out what she wanted to be for Halloween, painting my crown for Princess Peach from Super Mario Sunshine (she had a sleeveless dress, what I had to work with). However, when looking for inspiration in the first place, I'll tell you the things I came across... Whole dedications to her, this being only one. It's one thing to have a Wikipedia, but these websites are even more amazing. They show things from pictures of every game she's in to cosplay footage of people at conventions. It was very hard for me to want to dress up, as the footage showed these hard workers who spent months/years on their costumes to make perfection. Daunting, in the least.

But I prevailed by accidentally locking myself out of my room while I had my koala ears on. Most of my day was spent wearing the makeup for my costume while wearing koala ears, as the RAs weren't in the hizzo for more than six hours and I had my radio show to get to.

I didn't mind, though. The costume could have been considered half-assed, I was tired and I was still daunted by the fact that people spend so much time on their costumes (well, more jealous that they're able to make such great costumes... they don't necessarily look good in them, but when they do, one can feel pretty poutful).

Random Fact: Prince Charles and Prince William never travel on the same airplane in case there is a crash.

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