Sunday, October 28, 2007

Old Times

I just got finished with watching my brother's Halo video for the umteenth time. It was made quite a long time ago, but the talent is clear. Of course, now videos will be made so much easier with the new Halo 3 being able to record an entire match and one can see it from any angle. It'll make for interesting.

In the recent, I've been handing out the WOWIO card like it's candy. Some have signed up, others haven't, but I'm finding it quite hard to now find something I want. When I started, it was wonderful; all these new comics, books... And now I have the comics I want and I find it unappealing to read books on a computer, as reading paper is just better for the eyes in general, but it's also how I like to read books. Turning a page, no scrolling too far forward, no needing batteries (perhaps electricity for the lights or a candle)... Simple and always there. You also don't have to wait for it to download--you just pick it up and start. You don't have to type in the page you want to flip back in forth, you just open the book. This can work for perhaps if you lose a page, but when I downloaded a dream dictionary, all I have to say is how frustrating it is to try and find what you're looking for. But, when all is said and done, it's free. Complaining over.

My first exam doesn't start until the end of this week. I know I shouldn't be sad about it--after all, that means I'll have more studying time (ha!). But I guess I just wish it could all be over so I could start exploring New Zealand again. Everybody is busy studying for exams, so no one is wanting to come out and play. The library is suddenly the popular place to be. And people are getting cranky, as they aren't giving themselves enough "me" time.

I blame the fact that their tests are worth about 60% of their grade. 60 freaking percent. That's up the hizzo! No test should be worth that much. No wonder students are taking caffeine pills, committing suicide and breaking down. There's stress enough as it is with society telling us how to act, look, work and any other bodily function. Even when we're "taking a break" by going out into town, we worry about how we dress and then how it's perceived... And then, after all of this college and "growing up," we're given even more to worry about with bills, mortgages, jobs and making something of ourselves. If you're single, you worry about dating. If you're together with someone, you worry about moving things to the next stage. If you're married, there's enough problems (all the above plus some).

Since a child, I've been told "Enjoy life while you can."

Enjoy life. That's why I'm in New Zealand in the first place.

But I think of all the other people out there who are too scared to go to their New Zealand because they "don't have enough time" or "can't afford it, not with loans out for college" or "there's just too much to do." When will there be time? When will you afford it? After you make those millions that very few make before forty? Fifty? Seventy? And when will you have a list of things that can be set aside for what you love to do?

They say that by going to college, you can achieve these things faster and easier, unlike "us," my parents say, who decided to go on with life (though I can't complain because now I'm going to college with a lot more help). Though they never did go to college, I have to say that my parents are some of the most smart people I've ever met.

Okay, so my mother doesn't like/understand Pre-calculus. And my father doesn't know everything there is to know about HTML. But because of the environment I've grown up in, I have been able to achieve my biggest dream by the age of twenty: Travel to the country of my choice.

In fact, there are many contributors to this matter. My grandparents on my fathers side (huge contribution on their part, throughout my entire life... I'm not sure how to ever thank them for that), my grandparents on my mother's side, my aunts and uncles, Mandikat, Russell, teachers, friends... I'm pretty sure even enemies have helped make this decision, as it allowed me to be more okay with leaving the country (ha!).

But it remains to say that though my father dropped out of even high school, when he got his GED, he did better on his tests than anyone I know. When I was struggling in English with how to write a paper, my mother helped me get an A. When I was unsure of what to do with my future, a test didn't help me in the least. My parents, family and friends did.

I don't care how much percentage a test has, 60% is not and will not make the test any more life changing. You could have ten questions on a test that require perfect spelling on random words in the dictionary with more than twelve letters. Or you could just have the easiest questions in the world about what color the sky and grass is. Why put a mother load on something that, in all reality, has more than 90% of the class in a tizzy because they have less than nine months to memorize? Especially when you get a lecture teacher who cares less about interaction with their students than, say, a shark and a larch tree (which, according to my sources, are more than slim to none).

In my thoughts, the test is for the teachers. How well is my teaching that my students are able to answer these questions correctly? Are my students gaining enough knowledge on this subject to prove that I got a point across? And when you look at it that way, one can get pretty pissed at the question the teacher decides to add on the test that they perhaps mentioned under their breath a minute before the first day of school started, before the class had time to settle down and ready themselves for learning.

Don't get me wrong. I love learning. It's on my top ten list.

It's more like a twelve list. Well, it's thirteen now because I've added "13) Laugh." And I added the "want to do" because the "to do" made it sound like a job, and anything on that list are things I also enjoy. But you get the idea.

I guess my point is that we only live life once.

Indeed, I'd like to know that the doctor I have that's doing some sort of important surgery on me or anyone I love has gotten good grades and it's suitable for people who are creating my anti-virus on the computer I use.

But I find it interesting that the my idols are the people who are good in themselves, not just brain smart.

Where's the fucking test on that?

P.S. My father is now taking college courses through the internet! And he's still getting better grades than me! (bastard!)

Random Fact: If you put a drop of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

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