Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forget Your Blessings

I find that if I forget my blessings, I have such a greater gratitude when I remember them than if I were to go around counting them every second of my life.

Of course, when I think of blessings, I think immediately of hot water. At this point, the dorm I'm staying in for the summer doesn't have it, and I'm beginning to think that I'm not the prettiest of sights in the morning, namely because I'm too lazy to get up, get dressed, walk over to another dorm, shower, get dressed and walk back, where I then undress, do my business of lotion schemes and combing my long hair, then dress again for the day. I miss the days of just wrapping a towel around me, rather than carrying fifty items with me, making me look more ridiculous than usual. It's a shower, not some military mission for the next crusade.

It's also particularly lonely in the dorms, now that there are about five people living there, in comparison to the hundreds. And even those five people are far away on different floors, and we all have our own agenda. It's quiet, so I ended up "stealing" the radio from 11th floor to place on mine for the bathroom.

I'm beginning to feel like the stay-at-home pet, where you leave on the television for noise while you're away so they feel, I donno, loved? I'm sorry, but I think a pet knows the difference between a warm, fleshy person speaking with love than a cold, calculating machine that tries to sport these out, despite the knowledge of them possibly starting fires. Otherwise, we'd be fucked (as I'm sure they'd collaborate together to take over the world--robots will hate humans, not the animals in which we came from (unless you don't believe in the impossible to refute evolution, then God just found another way to get rid of us)).

So, I've seen Iron Man twice, Prince Caspian once. I've already expressed my adoration for Iron Man, but perhaps not in blog form, so let me tell you that it is possibly an epic movie of awesomeness. Never really had a thing for Robert Downey Jr, but it's kind of hard not to when you see the movie. There's just something about a man who knows what he wants, then gets it. And also is the smartest man alive. Of course, this is his character, but I stand my ground. Oh, and small spoiler: Tony Stark (his character in Iron Man) is in The Incredible Hulk (a movie I'm actually excitedly anticipating... Edward Norton? Hells yes!). Anywho, it's witty, action packed in a Transformers kind of way, but better, and I'm excited for the everything to come for it.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is a small different story. It's much different from the first one, leaving no room for much explanation. It's as if they thought, "The movie is called Chronicles of Narnia, not let's dwaldle! Get these soldiers out there, move, move, move!!!" I do have to brag that the first scene of them coming back to Narnia is one of the places I visited in New Zealand--pretty cool. But, besides that point, I found many more parallels for religion in this movie, and it kind of depressed me. I'm more of a spiritual person, but it was the idea of believing that got me. When we believe something, what makes us pause to go the way we should?

I'm also almost finished with my afghan I started junior year of high school. I've started and re-started this blanket so many times, I can't even begin to explain. Now, it's almost done. I'll place a picture up of my crocheted masterpiece later. I'm pretty proud of it. When that one is done, I'll finish the circular afghan I started my senior year of high school. This one always took a bit extra as every ten stitches, I'd add one (elsewise, it would look more like a bowl, less like a blanket). They're both colorful experiences, and I love how much of my personality they have.

Tonight is the midnight showing of Indiana Jones! I already have my ticket, and it's another thing I'm stoked for! It's old school, with music, sound effects, Mr. Harrison Ford... It's been a while since I've had the "midnight experience," and it wasn't the latest Harry Potter. I can't even remember it.

So far, I think this summer will be nothing short of awesometastic.

Random Fact: A hummingbird weighs less than a penny

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