Monday, May 26, 2008

Wii Bored?

So, I've officially gone into the Wii Fit of awesomeness in the past few days. I was hesitant, not knowing everything to expect. I had no doubts that it would have something to be a great game--just the price made me nervous. Was this something that I could wait to buy? Or a must have?

For the past few days, I've been "working out" for an hour every morning, and I am completely sore. It may sound sad to say that a video game is making me sore, but these things are mostly things made for actual work out sessions. Aerobics, Yoga, Strength and Balance. I've basically got almost every mini unlocked, and the duration periods for many of the things to do are at their longest. So, my "hour" is slowly turning into almost two. Not that I'm complaining. There's not much to do around here if you don't want to spend money. Russell doesn't have a bike, and Martha, though she does, usually wants to go to a destination that spends money. And it's usually things that I don't need, whether it be items I choose to buy or added calories. I'm not counting, but when I realized I had ice cream three days in a row, the calories suddenly also added into my pocket for money.

So, without someone to really ride bike with, as other people's motivations aren't in sync with my own, I haven't biked for the past few days, and mostly spent the time in my room, playing Wii Fit, working slowly but surely on my bulletin board, duty board and door decks... I got so bored, I brought out my old Animal Crossing game, something I hadn't played in over a year! And if you don't know what that game is/means, know that it is a game that makes you care about pulling weeds, sending letters to computers and filling a museum up with the "world's wonders."

So, Wii Fit has been my main companion, a constant.

But, really?

I will pull the crap card on this a million times over. I understand where the parents are coming from, but, then again, I don't. I feel as if this could have been avoided by the obvious READING ABOUT THE FREAKING GAME thing. Which, parents never do. Having previously worked at Gamestop, and now doing so again this summer, I can hands down say that there are multiple parents who buy their child Grand Theft Auto, though we explain the reasons why it's a Mature game (some of them Adults Only): Prostitutes, shooting and killing people... If you're not a child, I think the game could be quite enjoyable, giving a different perspective to a life, especially movie-esque (if they're going to complain about the game, may as well stop the presses, movies, television... Why stop at a small population of things and go all the way?).

But out of all of this, you're going to complain that a game called Wii Fit is calling your child obese? Haven't you been noticing anything? I'm sorry, I am obese, but at least I know. My mother did tell me that I was overweight, if anything for concerns of wanting me to be healthy so I could live a good life of health.

But I digress. Let's look at the box, shall we? It says that it'll check your BMI (like a child is interested in that), making goals and tracking progress of daily workouts and getting fit with over forty activities. The box itself shows four participants doing Yoga, a Balance Game, Strength Training and Aerobics. The people are of different ages. So, from what I take, this is way of getting fit by also playing some games on the side. After playing it, it literally is doing Yoga and Strength training, with the fun stuff being Aerobics and Balance games. This, in all essence, is "working out."

The parents could have gone any direction on this. If my child had come up to me and said, "My video game called me fat!" and I knew all of the above information (which is easily displayed on the box, and before my child had gotten a hold of it, I think I could have had the decency to know what my children were playing before this question would even arise), I don't think I would have made a huge deal to a point of blaming a game to tell my child that she was fat. A doctor tell us that we are fat, and they're not getting sued (as soon as I typed that, I have to say, I'll bet they have gotten sued for something so stupid).

Instead of making another negative out of something that people already perceive as a negative thing, I would make a positive. "Yes, honey, you don't have the figure of a model, but let's make it into a daily activity with more healthy choices if you're really worried about it!"

When have we decided to stop taking our own blame for things? I am not blaming anyone for my fat. Though Martha may have asked me to go to an ice cream parlor, I did go and I did pay for my ice cream. I could have gone and not gotten anything. But, as choices go, I like ice cream. *shrugs*

Of course, who knows really how things should go? Wii Fit does say it's for everyone, but it was even said on Wii Sports that the Wii Fitness Age doesn't work for those under twenty because that's the lowest Wii Fit Age that it can go. Because, as most people know, that's when people have mostly stopped developing. Not even the machines at the Rec Center go under twenty. So, as the above link states, Nintendo did say that these things won't be entirely accurate if they're under the age limit.

But here goes: You don't have to check your BMI every time. You can just play the game, too. Think of the BMI check as an added bonus. And get over it.


For other news, here's my blanket I crocheted:

Yep. Took me five years. I'd get busy with something else, and by the time I'd get back, I'd see how many mistakes I'd made and start over. This time, I went all out and finished it. It's folded in half in that picture, so the length is about me, and the width, which is chopped in half, could be placed on my bed and have some room to spare on the sides. I really like my color scheme. So much chaos that works (at least, for me it does). One really easy blanket finished, a more complex to come... And, hopefully, after that, I'll get into the fancy zig-zag pattern! Depends on how bored I get.

I've been watching The Office, a few episodes every day, for the past week, starting over when this last season ended. So, The Office, crocheting, maybe some work on the side...

Man, my summer is easy.

Random Fact: The only food that does not spoil is honey

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