Friday, January 18, 2008

Hard To Do

Besides running around, learning how to connect with everyone and just in general becoming a new RA, in my free time I make certain to have a nice slice of time to read my Webcomics. On the right, I have favorite comics posted! Some are every day, others are three days a week, and some take forever to update when it's supposed to be three days a week.

I have a lot of my comics just in my bookmarks, as I have over thirty I like to randomly check up on when I'm particularly bored.

One in particular I check is Marry Me, which is apparently a comic that's hoping to become a movie. It's got some great ideas and plot, which keeps me coming back, but I have to worry at times because of the writer.

I've written about the writer before, and the wonders of people continuing with comics when they've got so much on their plate already.

When a comic writer/designer (whether one is both or they come together) does their thing, every single comic I read is thankful for every person that comes to their site and reads what they have as their creative inspirations. Usually, there will always be the person who decides to not just ruin the readers days, but the creator's as well, by stupidly having an anonymous comment about how terrible the comic looks, or some stupid criticism that isn't worth breath.

But at that particular site, things just get out of hand. Not only do people say things, but the writer than starts cursing and bans people from the site for thinking one thing is lame on the site. And when someone else says, "You should take criticism better," they're banned, too.

I don't think it's a matter of criticism that's going on--most of the time, people are just being asses about the whole ordeal, and it's good to see that someone isn't willing to take the crap. But there are plenty of explicit remarks from the writer that takes away the charm of the comic for me. It's hard to read about a singer who's got ideas for helping Africa and charity when the writer is saying things that instills fear in the readers by saying "you should seriously kill yourself" and "anyone else having problems will be banned as well."

Then again, that's the beauty of internet.

I'm sure many have heard of the Internet Bulling Bill. My opinion is that it's ridiculous. This will not stop internet bullying in the least! How can everyone think this is just from the United States? This is from the World Wide Web. You see that? WWW? Look familiar? It goes in front of things such as and! It's not that I don't see how certain people feel (see here if out of the loop), but most of those categories don't fall in supervising something that is impossible to supervise lest we start becoming communist in the sense of only allowing the entire population of our country to see and do certain things on the internet.

The category falls in:
*supervising your children
*being involved with your children
*looking hard at yourself and seeing your own faults rather than blaming others

and many others... We do need to change how corrupt so many systems have become (including the one we call family), but let's not get hasty and take it out the wrong thing.

I don't know how it feels to have a thirteen-year-old (who never should have been on Myspace in the first place) kill herself, or have some webcomic idiot take his precious time to read my comic and then tell me how stupid it is. But I do know that this isn't something. It can't just pop up it's head. It's brewed for years.

It's kind of like a cancer association. They want people to give and give, and a few do, but what really gets people involved is when they suddenly find out that they have cancer--then it's a lifetime of doing exactly what we've ignored. When will we just be good people?

On a completely separate note, my aunt just had her second baby yesterday around 5:30AM!!!!!!!!!! She named him Jude.

Random Fact: The longest place-name still in use is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwenuakitnatahu, a New Zealand hill.

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