Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Much For That

Remember that time when I promised I'd write in here every day? Even if it was lame?

Promises, promises...

So, in the recent, I've been having dreams of Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Peter Petrelli in Heroes. It could be that I have also been reading Wicked Powered by downloading some of the comics off of WOWIO. They have the same body build?

In any case, it's rather unnerving to have dreams as such because I don't prompt them. And I highly doubt it'd be the same as telling a friend if one were to say, "I've been having dreams about you!"


To be talking about WOWIO, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find a same photo in both Wicked Powered and Last Blood, where it showed a vampire killing Hitler. At first, I suspected that there was some joke between the writers, but the drawings were so close to each other... Turns out, they are the same people! And they have four comics. Four. Here I am, complaining about comics that only update once a week (but they don't, only once a month), and these guys have the abilities to make four different series. Well, it's really Bobby Crosby, Chris Crosby and Owen Gieni.

Wicked Powered: Owen Gieni & Chris Crosby

Last Blood: Chris Crosby & Bobby Crosby

Sore Thumbs: Owen Gieni & Chris Crosby

Marry Me: Bobby Crosby

That's a lot to be involved in. And a lot of ridiculous plot lines. And all different styles.

My favorite is probably Last Blood. But that could be just my Vampire/Zombie love getting out. But Marry Me doesn't update enough, making me frustrated because the idea is fantastic. Sore Thumbs, while making me laugh with gaming needs sometimes goes to political; I'm not political enough to really care for some of the jokes. And Wicked Powered... It's just the good ol' fun.

I still think it's amazing to be so involved in comics. I'll have to get Mandikat to draw the comic I've been wanting to start... I've already got so much planned out in my sketchbook anyways. I've got the storyboard--she's got the talent!

Random Fact: The longest Hollywood kiss was from the 1941 film, "You're in the Army Now." It lasted for three minutes and three seconds. (That's freaking long...)

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