Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Miss Ellie

I adore my new pup, to death, if I may. There's no feeling in the world to compare to when you wake up to what can be considered an unable-to-contain-her-excitement being.

I've become slightly attached, and have to say that it isn't really *my* dog, but my parents--I've just been taking care of her (i.e. potty training, keeping her busy, etc...).

But, the part Terrier she is means we have to tell her who's boss, as they tend to believe they run the house.

For the past few nights, she hasn't been going to sleep when she's supposed to, running around the house and whining when we're trying to sleep or won't pay attention to her. So, the kennel she goes.

She has learned a new heart-wrenching howl when she is placed in her kennel, and it lasts for at least five minutes until she decides to make due with her predicament. But during those five minutes, I have that motherly instinct--my pup is in trouble and I have to save her from her jail lest she cry into her lonely corner forever.

But we have to stay firm, so I sit here, typing this, and hope she has telepathy so she can hear my thoughts of love and comfort.

I like to think that's why she's so excited to see me whenever I come back from leaving her sight.

Random Fact: About 50% of Americans live within 50 miles of their birthplace. This is called propinquity.

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