Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Need More Than Soothing Music

As I've said before, I like Nathan Fillion. I think he's adorable and if I ever meet him, I'd probably have some good conversation.

That's why I've been laughing at Home on the Strange's recent plot line. I have wondered why every show he starts crashes within the first season or so. Firefly was awesome, Drive was interesting... I vaguely remember him appearing in Lost for an episode (I love watching a show and having a "star appearance"...). He was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though I never watched the show, it was still a big hit). I think he was even the prick in the movie Blast From the Past (upon further curiosity, he was).

I remember the day my mother was watching Desperate Housewives with me actually in the vicinity and I saw him walk into a scene. I couldn't believe it! I mean, it's not enough to get me to watch the show (all I know at this point is that someone was faking a pregnancy, but I have no idea why), but I have to say that I'm glad he's got a part still. Hollywood knows they can't let that one go. Too cute and normal for the women not to drool over.

I've also seen the first four episodes of The Big Bang Theory, which has it's highs and lows. I found the first episode to be shaky, but enough laughs for me coming back. The second and third episodes were throughly enjoyable, especially when Sheldon started to explain to Penny why the scene the first Superman movie where Lois Lane is saved my Superman when she's falling from the helicopter is impossible due to the fact that she'd be going to fast for her to not be chopped into three bits by his "arms of steel." The fourth episode was kind of long.

Of course, I adore Johnny Galecki. I find him to look a little like Justin from Motion City Soundtrack, which is hot. It took me a while as to why I recognized him, and while going through is IMDB, I saw that he was in Suicide Kings, a movie I bought on DVD for two dollars at a used shop because it had Christopher Walken on the cover (yes, I sometimes judge that way... I've never seen one Christopher Walken film I haven't liked. He's got a good sense of humor!).

I then realized that he had been on Roseanne all those years ago. I knew I recognized him from somewhere!

And has anyone been watching Heroes recently?!! Freaking A, I can just see where this is heading. I hate when they start doing this crap... I liked it better when I could just watch the entire series without waiting for the next episode, just like Lost. This waiting game is ridonculous (and that word isn't written wrong... I actually say that word over five times a day).

And for the bad shows, never ever watch School Days, which I now dub to be the most disturbing freaking anime I've ever seen. Oh, it starts out fine enough. Just a harmless someone has a crush, another has a crush triangle love theme that quickly gets to a point of uncomfortable scenes in animation. Not being able to handle the soon Soap Opera plot line, I skipped ahead to the last episode, skimming the episode via clicks on the buffering line... I was truly disturbed. I caught a glance of my facial expression in the reflection of my computer at the end when it went black, and it looked scarred for life. A mixture of confusion, disgust and little wanting of barf. Plus a twinge of horror. I immediately deleted it from my computer (I'd yoinked it off a friend who has more anime than I can say) because I couldn't sleep knowing it was haunting my hard drive.

Never again. Never. Again.

As for the weather here at Palmy, it's been considerably rainy. Pouring for the past week and a half, and windy at that. I'm hoping it'll be done by the time school is officially out in the next few weeks. I want to leave with lots of traveling and wandering around the Lord of the Rings set.

I'm going home in a month.

Holy shit.

Random Fact: An olive tree can live up to 1500 years.

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