Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cre-e-e-py Crawlers!

Ah, those good ol' days. When one could not only make bugs, but eat them. And not get sick or get an angry parent in the process. Of course, with Creepy Crawlers, you don't eat the bug, but with other products, one could, indeed, make an edible creature to eat in front of the grandparentals, which, according to the commercials, would cause them to try not to vomit, etc., etc. I never did try to fake it, though. In fact, after making a batch of those crazy critters (if my brother ever allowed me to even touch the plastic oven), I didn't really do much with them anyways. Maybe I'd have them attack my Barbie dolls, in which the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would come to the rescue. But, in all reality, I'm pretty sure my parental units found the multi-colored (for I never wanted a normal looking bug) being and threw them away when I wasn't looking.

However, I still own most of my older toys. Whenever my parents decided on a garage sale, I'd sneak in (sometimes with my brother) to check out the toys my parents assumed we still didn't play with and "steal" them back. Sometimes, they were right, we didn't play with them as often. But I couldn't bear to see my precious Barbie apartment, which turned into a suitcase for easy storage or bringing to a slumber party (which I never did) being sold to some other child who probably not only really wanted it more than me, but would "destroy it with it's playing methods" (I was a very cautious child for my toys, and was mortified to see that some of my Barbie's arm were savagely bitten off by my dogs, in which they were then considered to be in some soap opera where the arm would never again be the same and was handicapped... then I'd rarely play with it again because, well, she was handicapped). Or my TMNT gang (which my brother will repeatedly claim to be his own, though I've always considered things to be half mine because we're supposed to share). As it is, I think I must have won out in the end because we still have half of what I continually "stole" back, which is rightfully mine in the first place.

Unless, when we moved, my parental units decided they were worthless and got rid of them. I sure hope not.

*is now completely in the realm of forever wondering*

As for my New Zealand, things have gotten to a point of me just realizing that I need to take one step at a time. There are a lot of things that need to be done, and if I think about it all together, my head wants to explode in a fit of zones. I spoke with the main advisor of AustraLearn today, and she assured me that, not only would the website for Massey University be up within the next couple of days, but that the deadlines were just guidelines. One can't even imagine the amount of stress lifted off my shoulders.

In other news, I'd heard quite some time ago that one of my favorite authors is having my favorite vampire series into an HBO series. I think my heart had just about stopped when I heard the news, but nothing was really said of it for a while. The series is a series I'm always re-reading (more than even Harry Potter, which is saying something of me), and I've been going crazy because my local bookstore isn't keeping up to date. And she's already got another one coming out in May. Cue for me to start crying. As it is, I'm rather excited for the cast that will be doing the show: Anna Paquin for Sookie Stackhouse, Sam Trammell for Sam Merlotte (and it creepily looks like how I'd picture him, too) and Ryan Kwanten for Jason Stackhouse (Sookie's brother & womanizer). I'm super stoked for this to start, can't wait to see my favorite anything ever to be on television and pray to the gods above that I'll be able to receive it while in New Zealand (if it's playing while I'm there, that is... otherwise, I'm willing to pay the extra whatever to see it here.). Of course, they're calling it something different (True Blood. That's original *rolls eyes* Why do the vampire titles for movies have to be so... D-U-M-B? I mean, at least the novel names were witty and made for a laugh, not over dramatic and asking for lame audiences... I'm still going to watch it, but I'll sulk a while, the nerd I am). It makes me wonder how close they're going to stick to the novels, and I'm extremely interested in what's going to happen when it comes to who plays Vampire Bill or Eric. The more I read the series, the more I like Bill, but I've always been a fan of Eric from the beginning; must be the tall Viking thing.

I kind of think the guy picked to be Jason looks like Brian Krause, who played Leo in Charmed.

Don't look at me like that. Don't judge me.

Okay, so I read and watch a lot of sci-fi and fantasy. Sue me.

In fact, I don't really remember the first day I decided Vamps were for me. I mean, the whole idea of fairies, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and mermaids have always been my kind of deal; the abnormal intrigued my small mind, and the idea of meeting some supernatural being has been at the top of my nerdy list since who knows when. There's this tiny part of me that refuses to believe that these aren't somehow real--things don't just *poof* out of thin air. Concepts and ideas were placed by things in the past. Though I need physical proof to really have a true statement, you'll never see me claiming there's no such things as fairies. Instead, I'll look skeptically at "people" and stare at the tall, dark and handsome I only see at night. Wishful fantasies, really.

I'm actually quite jealous of Anna Parquin, who got to play Rogue in X-Men with Hugh Jackman, worked with Kirby Morrow (who was in Stargate: Atlantis, and, for those nerds out there, was the voice for Hot Shot in Transformers: Cybertron, AND the voice for Miroku in Inuyasha, a show I'll ashamedly admit to watching!), and is also a quite attractive young woman. I'd be more than willing to take her place in such an acting career, especially if she's playing one of my favorite Heroine's in the novelistic sense.

Maybe I'll be somehow crazily discovered in Las Vegas at the NAB convention? I've been told David Letterman will be making an appearance, along with some other influential participants. Maybe some others will appear as well? *prod, prod*

Just look for this beautiful face:

I'll probably be in a tizzy, trying to decide which lecture I wish to go to as well as in awe since I've never been to Las Vegas before.

Word to the following men:
Dane Cook
Zach Braff
David Bowie
Hugh Jackman
John Krasinski

I know most of you have girlfriends/are married, but... if you ever happen to be just around those parts during that special week, and you see me... Let's do Hot Chocolate? After the Con, of course, but I'm more than willing to give time out of my life for any tips you've got for my Mass Communication future, along with a hug or two to satisfy my affectionate needs.

Speaking of my nerdy aspects, is it just me, or did anyone else notice that the main character from Firefly is also in Drive? I saw a random commercial while at home Easter Break and was extremely surprised (considering I don't have cable at my house anymore). Food for thought, really. Movie stars are everywhere these days.

On a tangent, I find it interesting to note that Ken, the boy Barbie doll, is just recently getting real hair. I had to deal with that plastic crap all my childhood, and now he's getting the real locks. No imagination for kids now-a-days, I tell ya.

Random Fact: There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos


Keal said...

The TMNT were always mine and will always be mine. To think they ever came near your Barbie's is an insult to the ninja culture and my childhood. I can't believe this is how I had to find out.

delost said...

Nathon Fillion. And he's not a movie star, he just happened to star in a couple of movies. He was a tv star first. Sorry, had to set the record straight on that geekery :). And if you still have the original TMNT I bow to your superior collection skillzzzz.