Friday, October 26, 2007


Finals are coming upon me and I'm tired as heck. It's not so much of studying, but the fact that I finally managed to get my hands on a PS2 with God of War II. So, staying up late and playing plus working on extra papers have just worn me out.

I'm also getting stressed about how close it is to getting home. It's not that I do want to leave or don't want to leave... it's just that it's getting so close and I get nervous about flying. Not while in the air, but leading up to it. There's so much to remember, and I don't want to leave one thing here (well, the important things, anyways). I know that I won't forget anything important. I'm too freaked out to. But the point is that I'm freaked out about it. I'm starting to get a rash, just like I was getting before I left for New Zealand. On my forearms and my neck, I'll scratch and scratch. It didn't hit me until today that it's probably a stress rash, nothing too serious, and I've managed to find ways to calm myself.

Last night, I couldn't even get to sleep as my head was overwhelmed with thoughts. But then I thought about the airport, getting off the plane and seeing my parents and possibly Mandikat. My heart rate slowed down and my thoughts went calm. I realized that through all the stress, good was coming of it.

I've heard about the fires in California and I'm not too particularly worried, though I do hope everyone is okay. Apparently, my Great Auntie Meg has been helping, and I've decided that if things are still going tough, I'll volunteer my time to help out. It'll be a different Thanksgiving, but at least I'll be around the ones I love.

That's Gina and me. I don't approve of my haircut, but this was taken a few weeks ago, so it's growing out... I think I'll wait to get home to cut it, so I know I'm getting it done by someone I trust. And am not paying an arm and a leg.

Well, now I'm finished with work and just "studying" for finals. And then I'll have almost two months off until the next year.


Random Fact: 40% of McDonald’s profits come from the sales of Happy Meals

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