Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Motivation

I simply don't have it for school. There is absolutely nothing to make me do school work. It's boring. And I can't find where I'll fit the certain homework into my life.

Some would say this is depression, but it's not. I'm actually really happy.

I went out to dinner on Friday, had a nice lazy weekend, tomorrow I is the end of most homework, Wednesday is a free facial. I've made a new friend, Gina, in which we watch a lot of the same shows and go around town together.

I think this is mostly due to the fact that I know my stay in New Zealand is ending. In about a month and a half, I'll be back in the states for who knows how long. And I want to enjoy where I am in the now, without anything holding me back.

Worried that I'm losing my priorities (well... the correct term is lost), I ended up downloading a book about learning how to get good grades by hypnotism. Realizing that I don't believe in hypnotism, much less doing it to myself, I then downloaded a book about how to stop procrastination... I've still yet to read it. But I blame that on the fact of the time I'm using to research for a paper, or at least thinking about the research I should do for a paper.

I'm looking forward to the month and a half I'll have off, but I'm going to be working then as well. I need to get in touch with Aya for getting an RA job, decide if it's worth it to get a job in the mean time (NO), visit Mandikat and possibly other friends... And before all of that, I have to sign up for classes, see if Gamestop wants me back and game my arse out because it's been ages since I've touched anything remotely game-ish besides solitaire or Freecell. Add the puppy we're getting, and I've got more than a full schedule.

So, here goes the plan. Tell Russell to at least let Aya know I'm interested in a job, and if it's possible, get e-mail address and like so I can get in contact to perhaps see about interview or whatever the heck they do to have an RA on duty. Once I get as far as I can with that (calling will ensue when I get back in the states), use rest of time to study for exams and not worry about future. When I do get back, I will refuse to get a job as in I'll want to relax and be with family while also repacking for school (which is dependent on if I get the RA job or not because I refuse to live in the dorms if I don't get the job... too much money to stay there). I'll help with puppy training, hopefully Mandikat and Eric will come over at some point, hang out and show off pictures and experiences. If it comes down to it, I will probably just stay home without going to visit others because I'm not completely sure about money, but I need extra cash for driving to Bemidji and the like when I get back. I'll spend Christmas with my family, giving gifts and eating the best meals of a lifetime, then go move in to where I need to go (it will require more time if I need to find an apartment... If anything, I'll talk to Jess and Tanya from last year to see if they've got an opening). Finally, if Gamestop won't have me, find another job that's okay with working hours (if I have the RA position, I can only work 10 hours a week), preferably the bookstore in town because then I'd be fulfilling the other love of my life.


*Get RA duty down
*Train puppy
*See Mandikat and Ashley
*See possible apartments
*Find job for rest of school year
*Play video games massively
*Have a Merry Freaking Christmas

Lot's to do when I get home. In fact, lot's to do while I'm here as well.

*Write paper
*Write subject-orientated story
*Contact Aya about RA duty
*Get stamps for last of postcards
*Study for Exams
*Figure out what to do with extra ten days
*Stop procrastinating

It's just so easy. You benefit now. And I like now. It's so immediate.

I miss popcorn.

Random Fact: 90 percent of women who walk into a department store immediately turn to the right.

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