Monday, October 1, 2007

That's It

I need to write more.

When I tell people that I'm going for Creative Professional Writing and Mass Communication, they gawk at me for a few minutes as if they're sorry they asked. But I'm proud of what I'm going for, though I know it'll be a job of continually working my ass off.

The point is, when people realize that

Creative Professional Writing = Just Plain Writing

they automatically want to see what I've written.

I've always been the type to hide what I write (ha ha, this is a BLOG). It kind of reminds me of a friend who knows how to draw Japanese Animation very well... People would ask her to draw them, and she'd oblige. However, once they saw the drawing, they'd immediately proclaim that it looked nothing like them and would either demand another or get extremely defensive that they would "ever look like that."

It's hard to draw in an anime style, and since she was very good, she tended to get a person right on. People just didn't like seeing such a right portrait.

I wrote a story once for class, and I was particularly proud of it. It was more emotional, and I wanted to get across how self indulged someone is when they're going through what they consider to be quite devastating, hearing only what they want to hear. It was loosely based on a true story, and the friend knew I'd been writing it and asked if she could read it. I hesitated, but handed it over all the same.

When she handed it back, she said, "It's really good. I've just got one question... Am I really that bad of a friend?"

I happened to learn that valuable lesson the hard way. My Writing Fiction teacher couldn't have said it more perfectly: write it down and don't show it for twenty-odd years when it can be passed off as fiction.

Anyways, the point comes down to I need to write more. I always say how much I miss writing, and yet I never take as much time as I should.

Mallory's Promise: I will write something in this blog every day when I can have access to a computer.

I'm not saying it'll be interesting. It could be five words, it could be hugely long paragraphs... but I like putting things into perspective. Hell, this thing is here more for me than you!

I'll always kind of lay back, considering I know a few members of the audience, but, all in all, the promise will ring true... I'll write in here every day.

Now, back to work!

Oh, an on a side note, someone finally got Halo 3 in the dorms! After expressing some rather quick words (I'd told him to come get me if he was ever going to buy it/play it, and he played without me the first time!), I will hopefully be able to join the rest of the world in finally seeing this thing in person!!!!!!! My brother for some odd reason refuses to tell me anything, so I guess I'll have to do it first hand. Oh, well.

Random Fact: 41% of women apply body or hand moisturizer a minimum three times a day.

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