Thursday, August 23, 2007

Away For More Than Ten Days

Well, I'm writing this to say that, indeed, I will be leaving for Australia in two days' time. Thus, since I don't want to drag my computer around (more like, I don't want it stolen and/or broken), I'm leaving behind technology to "see the world."

I'm slightly curious to see how I'll be doing. When it's around, I think that's my problem. I did well for that weekend at the BWCAW. Then again, that was a weekend. And with my father and brother. Barely anything.

So, I'll miss you all. Particularly my parents, since they're the devoted who come to this page over twice a day (I see you on my counter, you fools!). On that note, I keep getting hits on my 5th post, thanks to the beautiful photo of Link. I find it humorous because I got the link from somewhere else, which I link to. I'm laughing right now. Only a nerd would get why.

I love Barenaked Ladies. I can proudly say I own many of their CDs now. I like their sound and their humor... Perhaps music hasn't taken a fall at all. There are very few musicians who would take the time anymore.

I have to say, doesn't this remind anyone of Psychonauts, during their Lungfish Raid? except for the fire coming out of the mouth. Instead of that, they have PSI-beam. Not saying that it's a bad thing. I just found it more hilarious that way, because who doesn't wish that they could be just like that? Even if for only a minute?

Ah, the beauty of video games. Well, most.

I'm trying to keep you guys busy since I'll be gone. And I'll probably be too bored to give step-by-step actions of what I did. Maybe I'll post the story I have to make of it for my Travel Writing class? Who knows. NEXT.

Oh, here's an interesting blog to read, if you're a blog reader to the max. Ever-so-often, I'll make my way over to see what someone younger than me thinks of the world (I say younger because she is up to four years younger than me, I believe). She's got the head start of wanting to be a writer, rather than me, who tossed between that and theatre and video games. Choices, choices.

You know what I realized? I get Miss Flow by the end of my trip. Oh, I'll be a happy camper...

You know what I like best about being a DJ? I can play anything I really want. Always a bonus.

Um... In the mood to download FREE comics, yet the contributors still get paid? Go here. Wonderful site. Seriously. It's comics, books... If anything, just check it out, there's no harm there. And you know you have free time. You're reading this for gods sake. You can upload five a day. Which is more than enough. Plus, the comic I mentioned a while back is now on there, in color! The only setback is that if you aren't from the United States of America, then you won't be able to get an account. Perhaps, one day, they will realize that unity is great. Until then, sorry guys.

We're renting vehicles in Australia to save time. I'm nervous guys.

Alright. I'm sure this is getting long and boring.

Random Fact: If a car is travelling at 55 miles per hour it will travel 56 feet before the driver can shift his foot from the accelerator to the brake.

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