Friday, August 24, 2007

Four Inches Too Much

Did I ever mention that I got a haircut? Though my hair is now "healthy," my hair is also now at least four inches shorter. I feel like I have "normal" hair, no offense to anyone. But, for those who don't know, my hair was halfway across my butt, which is long because I'm considered to have a long torso as well. I love my long hair. And though I know that healthy long hair is better than splintend long hair, I was only prepared for an inch, maybe two. Apparently, though, the water here along with the climate hasn't been too nice, thus, shorter hair that I consider to be not long at all while everyone else claims it's still long.

The slap in the face was, not even ten minutes after the haircut, I'm on the bus and a girl gets on with her blond hair in braids down to mid-thigh. I felt the envy of hair I'd never felt before.

In separate news, I want this shirt. It's in stock again. Just yesterday, I was looking at a newspaper in class and got angry at the fact that the headline said that video games were causing people to ignore their children (why is the media so happy to place blame on video games? Has anyone seen the Saw series? I'm thinking that's a bit more sick than God of War.).

As it is, it's been concluded that I am a terrible Feminist.

It's not that I don't have the ideals. I'm for equality, which, in my opinion, encompasses everything. I should hope I'm for equality, considering I am a woman, but you'd be surprised at how many women think that it's their duty to be beneath a man.

But I remember someone told me (of course, during a heated debate) that he was surprised I liked the British version of The Office in comparison to the American Version because it was sexist.

But isn't that the point of comedy? To laugh at the serious? Why do you think sex jokes are so popular?

I usually laugh because I can't believe someone would take the time to come up with such a mean joke. Tasteless humor is just... ridiculous. I do have standards, but, let's face it. The Office is a television show, and the fact that it was on air for two seasons, and then shifted to be one of the most popular shows in America, I have to say... that's the point of the show. To not only show the reality, but then also make a funny of it.

Maybe my next "defense" should be, "watch more television and you'll see." Because, well. It's humor.

Australia is on my tail. I'm excited as hell, though I'm a bit worried if only for the fact of how people are leaving things. Since it came up so quickly, four of the people decided to go skiing for the weekend before they left while some are getting rides elsewhere and then another never keeps in contact with us... It's come to a point where I just know what I'm doing and that's how I'll have to keep it. Everyone is so worried about offending someone (more than likely because the people going on to the South Island trip tore apart at the last second) that no one is saying "This is what I want." There were too many "if's" and "I think" going around. All I know is that I made a few good CDs of music to go along, which is all I care about. Music makes the man (oops! I mean woman... or should it be person? No, that has 'son' in it... I'll call it thing.).

I'm going to relax. I'm going to write. I'm going to freaking swim in another ocean and have a road trip in Australia!!!!!!

So far, my decision for this trip is exactly what I wanted and needed. Woot, woot.

Random Fact: You can start a fire with ice.

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