Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Always Testing

Things have gone considerably better since the last I've written. I took the time to apologize to Clarie and try to explain my craziness (which, in my opinion, has no excuse...). All that can really be done is prove that I'm only crazy a quarter of the time. I'm thankful for understanding people; with being in a whole new country, people freaking out about papers and tests and then also getting ready to go on an adventure for only ten days, everyone is edgy (she explained). It's like a webpage that doesn't fully load at first. Just hit re-fresh and it'll be just fine.

Unless it's for freaking Linux. Fuck you, Linux.

Some of the greatest news is my papers I've been doing for classes. The media paper I did a few weeks ago, I got back and found I received an high B, the only reason for it not being higher because I don't know the New Zealand gaming media yet. From what I did receive, he said I had a very good information, detailed and clear.

The speech I did today on video game rating systems (and why parents shouldn't be angry at higher rated video games) went very well, seeing as I got the highest score in the class. I blended the ideals of how the rating systems work with the idea of it's really the parents who should be explaining the difference between fantasy and reality, then adding in a little of "maybe we should just get rid of the news and movies and television shows as well, if you're worried about violence."

Of course, all this is doing for me is the fact that, if I keep getting good grades with my video game ideals/writings, I'll keep leaning in towards the fact that I should be making my career out of such. It's something I know, obviously something I can do, and it'd be great to be in the field, meeting the people who make these god-like games.

Plus, I'm all for the fact that I'm a woman in the industry of video gaming. Boost of moral, definitely.

Now, it's on to a test, in which people are already cheating on (considering it's an online test). Unfortunately for me, I haven't bought the books for the class yet. Fortunately for me, everything is in the notes I've been taking (so the teacher claims). I'm more nervous on the fact that it's such a boring class, and very "Um... DUH." I may have accidentally blown something in the notes section, thinking it was mindless when it was actually something important (this is a shout out to all those teachers who cause students to have glazed eyes in the first three minutes of class...).

As it is, I'm confident I'll at least pass.

It also doesn't hurt that any grade I get in New Zealand bumps up to the next grade level when I transfer the grades. BOO-YAH!!

Random Fact: The man who created the Thighmaster was once a Bhuddist Monk.

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