Friday, May 11, 2007

Here Ticky-Ticky-Ticky-Tick

Ever since I volunteered at the Humane Society in town, I've found four ticks. One while I was there, two when I got home immediately and I just found one on my computer screen. He must have been starving, considering I'd volunteered on Thursday, and he was rather weak. I didn't feel sorry for him, however. The third tick I'd found was on my butt, already sticking it's head in. As much as people are supposed to love "all of gods creatures," I find it hard to accomadate some of them. Especially the ones who want to suck my blood and they aren't vampires.

I'm watching this movie that is called "Santa Claus" on our university's channel. We have some interesting things that play (I helped pick out an entire hour of Queen music videos! Woot!), but this one seems just... very old. If only because of the content. Besides the fact that it's about Martians trying to kidnap Santa Claus, they mention the Soviet Union and have Mrs. Claus in a typical "womanly fret." I think my favorite part so far is when the Martians decide to consult two children about the whereabouts of Santa Claus. They shove an automatic in their faces, then say "Don't be afraid. There's no reason to be alarmed."

Yeah. Don't worry, children. This large gun won't make your head explode in the least.

Oh, god. Now there's a man in a large costume, a supposedly real Polar Bear.

Why am I watching this?!

I saw 28 Weeks Later. It was a very quick movie. I found myself wondering why it ended, and that it had just gotten to the good part. This may have been because there's a lot more in 28 Days Later. It's slower paced, and a lot more conflict inner-wise. This one has a lot more action, and much more heart-wrenching scenes that just remind me of almost a real-life event. Because, in all reality, if there were a Rage Virus going around ("the infection"), and it got loose, indeed, it makes sense to not take a chance, but kill everyone. And I think that's what got me.

If "the infection" ever came true, I'd pretty much be fucked. That Rage Virus has got them running so fast I'd be the first one dead. Even if my life depended on it, running has never been my forte. I'm better off coming up with an elaborate plan for hiding and waiting for the whole event to be over. And after I'm saved, never going back. Hell, why not just escape into space?

Again, I have a wistful wish of it not being so short. It ended rather lamely in a sense, and though I can't tell if they set it up for another one or if they were just being funny, I just wanted more. Plain and simple. They kind of left it wide open. I was okay with parts being obvious. Just don't think you can get away with being "smart." Also, why'd you have to kill off the nice, cute military man? I didn't even get a secret ending. Pooey.

As it is, I'm sure I'll end up seeing it again. The music is amazing to me, and I'm on the hopes that there's a soundtrack. I'm also tracking down Hot Fuzz.

Apparently, I'm in the British Filming State Of Mind. All I need is Trigger Happy TV and some Monty Python.

Random Fact: One quarter of the human brain is used to control the eyes

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