Thursday, May 10, 2007

Large Finger

Finally, I am finished with school. I am finished with projects. I am finished with everything and can focus on New Zealand.

Except that I'm afraid I'll miss out on some final I didn't realize I had and will fail something. I'm nervous that, by working my ass off on everything, I missed out on something and I won't get the grade I feel I deserve. I suppose just talking to the teachers would help out best. But it seems as if this is an odd time for me to suddenly worry about my grades, when there isn't much else I can do. At least I'll have a few days to be able to talk to them in the office.

On Monday, my finger was sore. I iced it, thinking I'd somehow bruised it (I've hurt myself on accident so many times, it didn't seem abnormal). The next morning, after doing some small remedies for a slightly swollen finger, I awoke to see it thrice the size it was before and it hurt like hell.

To say the least, I freaked out. I thought about the needles they'd use, that they'd probably want to amputate it, my fingernail would fall off... If anything, I'd need to go to some emergency room where a bunch of doctors would come in and make their decisions of what would be the best way to treat a disgustingly huge tip of a finger (at this point, I perked up at the thought of a possible cute doctor/nurse... sick, but true... too much Scrubs, I suppose).

After much debate, I came to the understanding that I couldn't afford the emergency room, but I just may need urgent care. And I ended up going to just a regular ol' clinic because no one could give me any directions, and my roomie was the one who drove, but didn't really know where any of it was either.

And, after much waiting, I was given some antibiotics (four pills a day) and will have to take them for ten days. Though tender, I can actually use my finger for some good use.

My friend Russell also thinks it's funny to continually call my "Gimp" until it's back to normal.

In any other news, I'm just antsy. Everything is in place, but there's a waiting period I'm scared that won't come into place. I hate the waiting period. hate, hate, hate.

Also, it's interesting, but now that I'm done with my writing classes, I actually feel like I can write into all periods of the night, just like the old days. With pressure and all other classes, I couldn't do it. But now I almost can't wait to get started. New Zealand, summer, life... I'm stoked.

Random Fact: More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria are exchanged during a typical French kiss.

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Anonymous said...

Ok! Who have you been kissing? :)Its so good to read your writings again. Love ya!