Friday, May 25, 2007

Cool Breeze (Now I've Got The Shivers)

What happened to all the nice weather I was promised? It was perfectly wonderful when I first arrived, but now it's either raining or below fifty. All of my wanting to spend my time outside was placed to a halt I druther leave behind. For cereal.

So, I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, my father and I going to the 8 o'clock on Thursday. And let me just say.... Mmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, and "Arr, Matey! I be the Pirate of our sea!"

It's better than Dead Man's Chest, has these beautiful connections throughout the entire film, and though I could guess where everything was heading (as I'm sure many could), it was gorgeous beyond belief. My old flame for Orlando Bloom is back. I officially wish I could be Keira Knightly (considering she also keeps taking all of those awesome roles that I dearly wish I could crash in on! Except for Gwen in King Arthur. No offense, but I've never liked Gwen--stupid gal, to be honest).

And now that I'm in the old mood I haven't been in since Lord of the Rings (willing to pay for the movie in the theatre more than two times), I have a feeling that my family is going to kick me out earlier than expected for the constant use of "Arr!", "Savvy!", "Mate!", "Aye!", and a few other slanders I shouldn't mention.

But who can resist the call of such a film? Resist the tender caress of Pirate Talk on the lips? The Pirate look? The feeling of freedom as one does a battle cry before launching oneself into the ocean (or very large lake)?

So, here are some products I've come across that I very much so wish to someday aquire: YARRRN. PILF (though I don't wear thongs, this is hilarious to me). Skull and something (since I like the boyish undies as such... I have a pair in Motion City Soundtrack!). Kitty! Booty. Arr....

As you can see, I only want the coolest clothing on my body. None of that other crap. Only the cool.

In the anyways, I do believe that I now have very nice luggage for my trip, a passable room for when I come back, a job to get me the monnie I'll need for those glorious six months and a family that cares. I may even end up spending Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle in California. Which is completely fine with me, considering I'm going to the place during their winter and coming back to our winter.

Boo-yah Kashaw!

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