Thursday, May 31, 2007

Down Feather

As I lay here, cuddling with my Geoffery (Teddy Bear... I'm still single, ya'll), I'm still on inner debates with myself. Constantly.

Am I doing it right? What is right? Is this the right time? How will I know? I'll be missing so much! But I'll be gaining so much! Passport? Earning money? Passport? What clothes to bring? Passport? Passport? Passport?

If you can't tell, my passport still hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I'm getting rather bothered by the fact (moreso at the fact that my mother is freaking out and we continually get into fights over the matter). You'd figure it'd all be an easy kill, considering it's been "in process" for over eleven weeks. "Technically," I still have another week to go. However, also "technically," I'm peeved that they've changed the time periods for it to come back to me twice now. They have a certain piece of paper that pretty much tells everyone that I am able to exist, in which I desperately need for the jobs I've "signed" up for.

Speaking of jobs, I decidedly have two. The first, Diary Queen, which is much cleaner and more fun to work at than I ever anticipated. Partly because of the people, partly because I'm surrounded by what I love most: ice cream (though, according to my new boss, this isn't ice cream... it's DQ. Literally, it's patent.)! It's difficult to not just take over the entire counter and create something of my own, like a science project, but I don't think any good could come of any of it (for them, anyway... I'd be profoundly happy!).

The second job is at the casino. I haven't started this yet because I have to go through orientation (in which they basically tell me I can't gamble, except for Bingo, which is all I play anyways, and that I'd just better stay in line).

The problem with these two jobs is the fact that I'll be gaining less sleep than when I was at school; graveyard shifts at the casino, hopefully more afternoon jobs at the DQ. This may give me just five hours a day to sleep, but I can't be too sure because I have to allow time for dressing and actually getting from point A to point B to point C and perhaps all the way from point A to point C, or the other way around.

I'm extremely thankful that, considering the outrageous gas prices, I won't have to be driving to the end of the universe to get where I need to go. Let's face it: I adore my Jeep, but it's kind of a snob, drinking it's gas like it's easily replenish-able.

In other news, I became an addict to The Hex, though I believe we "Americans" just call it Hex. We shorten it. We're lazy like that (or would it be WLLT?). I couldn't wait for this upcoming Saturday to see what happens and ended up watching the rest of the season through the internet. Rather disappointing ending, really. Very realistic in a sense, but, all the same, I kind of wonder if the whole thing was a flop, thus the killing off of so many people and the whole drawing certain things out. I will say one thing: the optimist I am, I really truly wanted to believe in Malachi, just as much as Ella did. It was rather saddening to see him so easily straying from what he originally cared for.

I have no clues if there is even going to be another season (I assume not, considering the cults that have arisen from this, and would be content with nothing else). It's amazing to see how characters have changed throughout the series, mainly because I see it in such a short period of time that it's hard to believe how quickly everything passes. I suppose this is with any television show.

Since actually sitting down to watch the Tele nowadays, I've discovered quite a few disturbing things.

Hoveround. What in the hell were they thinking while making this commercial? I can't stop laughing as they spin in circles... Given, it's thinking outside the box. Also given, it looks ridiculous and I begin to wonder if anyone looks at the commercials before allowing them on public television.

Year Round Tomatoes. The only reason I find this disturbing is because I wonder what the hell I'm eating if that tomato is going crazy all year round. I don't really trust it. Also, I find it slightly odd that they don't say how long the plants last. A few months? Forever? Ripoff.

Adopt Us Kids. Now, I'm all for adoption. But has anyone been watching these commercials? I'm so shocked, I almost forget that it's for a good cause! Can you tell when this one came out? I think it's just the line "There are plenty of others willing to put up with you" that got me. Mainly because I wasn't paying attention to the whole commercial (I had to rewind it to make sure I'd gotten it wrong), and I thought that it was for a trade-in, or a campaign for children who were sick of their parents (it was the one where the mom is accidentally listening in on a teenager's conversation through the phone).

And now, time for the lost movies!

Rookie of the Year. I am still amazed to this day to meet people who have not seen this movie, nay, film. Who can forget the awesometastic line repeated over and over as a child of "Funky Butt-lovin'!" Laughs galore! Or the sarcastic humor of, "Let's go back to our dull lives and search for meaning." This is high quality material. Given, the main character tends to do the whole gig of a child who's clumsy/inept(I vaguely remember A Kid in King Arthur's Court and A Kid in Aladdin's Palace... Connected, I have no clue, as to I'm most positive I never watched them more than once and that was over ten years ago), but this movie is a classic that still catches laughs from me. I still can't believe the part where Henry starts harassing the pitcher with "Pitcher's got a big butt" or "there's something comin' out of your nose!" draws more than a mere smile.

There's for the night, hoping that I'll get good sleep and wake up to a nice warm day, in which I can go swimming. Also, that there aren't half as many bugs... the mosquitoes are terrible at the moment!

Random Fact: More than 2,500 left handed people a year are killed from using products made for right handed people. I'm suddenly extremely glad not to be in on the minority for this one.

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