Friday, February 9, 2007

Where Can I Get The Crown?

Though she jokes about it at first, Carrie indeed does pull through a Highness part of herself. Considering the header is "Her Royal Highness" then "Princess Carrie". It's pink, blues and colorful photos draw one in, wondering what makes her think that she's a princess (and maybe has you fooled until you read her first post that explains the real reasons of her headline. From August of 2006 to now, it's still going strong!

Going through the different blogs, I noticed a small theme... Whatever she blogs about, she makes it extensive with words and pictures, making sure to give plenty of detail, as if speaking to someone over a phone who'd missed out on the entire event. It's not as much of a eye opener to the worldly events, though it mentions things here and there.

Of course, one of the things that I notice is how she writes; she shortens things.

pls: please
uni: university
bfs: boyfriends
ppl: people

Or she even makes the word like it would sound out of someone's mouth:


I think what interests me most is the extensive photos. It's rare when the blog doesn't have one, and they're usually taken by her. Clothes she bought for her god child, Loos that move, or even the fair. It's eye candy, allowing pictures to say more than words. Rather than describing each and every detail, she posts a picture to what it's all about, whether about her or something a bit more humorous.

And I think that's what really makes it what it is. It's for family and friends, but still goes a bit deep into her own thoughts and ideals. Her comments on certain situations are known, but it doesn't go into a deep philosophical point of view that could make it into a blog of filtering. It's more of a notebook, where it's a bit more information than the daily life. It's nothing too personal, but enough so. one can get a sense of a job that pays well (marketing communication), how much she enjoys her friends and family, and what she finds important are listed on the side in nice alphabetical order. She even has her love & humorous quote of the day.

Random Fact: The Queen (Elizabeth II) sat for the first and only hologram portrait in 2003. (Have they done any more?)

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