Friday, February 9, 2007


Though I've been trying to force myself to really get into the whole 'Tea Scheme' (and utterly failing), while searching the blogs for something interesting, I came across justrob07.

Since his name is justrob07, I'm going to just... call him Rob.

I guess I should explain my first impressions of the page. I thought it was a girl. No offense to Rob, really! But, when I saw that it was an invitation to tea, I automatically had sexism! Not that boys don't have tea, but the fact that they just... wouldn't blog about it, perhaps? Alright, so I had a bad call.

In fact, though there are only a few pieces of information on the the profile itself, it says a lot! Sound engineer, male and his picture is a mug.

I'm wasn't even sure what a sound engineer is. So, I looked it up. Apparently, my intuition was correct in thinking that it had something to do with a soundboard. But, it's also a bit more intricate than that, and also goes with different acoustics and electrical engineering. They basically manipulate sounds through analog or digital means. Basically, he has a lot to do with what we end up hearing on television and music and who knows what else. What it is. More what they do.

But that just brings out my curiosity. For someone who is in a field (which I'm particularly looking into), what makes him blog about... tea?

His set up is very simple: Picture of a type of cookie/cake/candy (while one of the items has a strategically placed bite out of it) with his mug on a very smooth surface (the same, I believe), then maybe a small comment if he's feeling up to it. He even placed a video.

There isn't much to link to besides flickr, which links to some photos he uploaded for anyone who's interested to view (unless you click on a picture he uploaded on his site, where it enlarges the shown picture).

He has fun with it, gives different backgrounds to keep readers on their toes... and hasn't even given an explanation as to why he started the site in the first place. Not everyone does, but when starting a blog, a lot of the time people tend to have their first post explain the who/what/where/why. But his blogs are short (usually no words, allowing the titles to speak for themselves), clean and the only color differences are for the sidelines (archives and about him).

Of course, the blog started in August of 2006, so not much has been posted since then (twenty, I believe, since my reading of it). So, it'll be interesting to see what kinds of changes he makes (if any), and what kinds of followers he'll gain by the postings of how he likes spend a few minutes out of the day.

But what makes it nice is the fact that it's so short. Picture with maybe a few words. It reminds me of when I go to a small coffee shop in the cities--you always see what they're eating and drinking... but rarely get to see what they are actually like.

It's a hobby blog. Nothing too outside the world (yet). Nothing too personal, either.

Random Fact: Tea helps fight cancer, heart disease and regulate cholesterol.

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