Friday, February 9, 2007

It's More Than A Community

For my last homework assignment, I decided to go for what I automatically knew: Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Of course, Tim Buckley is known for his hilarious comics about gaming and the life of Ethan, Lucas and Lilah (not to mention Zeke, Scott, and the penguin Ted). But to add a nice effect, Mr. Buckley also has a blog that has specific reasons: speak about upcoming games he reviews, talk up conventions he's going to and also gets to make comments about fans and answer questions people may be asking about current events during the comics.

Another interesting aspect of the blogging is the pictures he draws:

With each blog, he puts one of these that kind of creates a tone for how he's feeling. Given, there aren't an extensive amount of them (sad, excruciating pain, tired, etc.). But they still give a unique blaze to the blog.

Considering what most of the information is for, I consider this to be more of a filter/notebook in a professional-like tone. It's rare that I see anything of his personal life (he mentions his girlfriend ever-so-often, more as an explanation as to why he will be gone, but that the updates for the comic will continue). Most of it is about video gaming, any real gamers dream. Because, let's be serious. Games, game consoles and anything else that goes into a gaming atmosphere is expensive. It's nice to have someone out there who does this for a living (he actually got to living off of his comic site rather quickly!), and then carries on a trusted opinion for what and what not to buy.

He gives us a serious side, amusing side and uses the comic even more for advertising what he'll be doing and what events he's actually come up with (he even had an animated series for a year or so). He's not only building a business, but a community. And that's the cool part.

I give Tim Buckley's Ctrl+Alt+Del a 5/5. And highly recommend reading his comic and blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday yourself!

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