Monday, February 19, 2007

Skip-idie-do-da Skip-idie-ay

That's what the bird on my shoulder is saying.

If I were Happy Gilmore, I'd be saying "Skip-skip-skip-a-roo." (Did anyone get that? Just me? Okay.)

Sorry to the fellow classmates who I'm sure at this specific time are wondering if I'll come in those five minutes late and take the stress off their worried souls. I know you'll miss me, but, never fear, Morgan will be able to move on, so trust in his antics to guide you through a lesson you'll later have to tell me about.

Though, in my thought process, I don't believe in excuses for lateness/skipping because what it really comes down to is... you've skipped and/or are late. You could say whatever you want, but, in all reality, you should have been quicker or done things a bit earlier so it wouldn't have happened or just plain gone to class.

However, I'm going to say why I'm "skipping" anyways.

New Zealand demands a class sacrifice, and I had to choose what would be the one that had the most time to spare. On Monday's, I have a good few hours after this particular class, whereas I don't have a second to spare from my other classes. Decision was made; skip this class and have the good few hours behind it to really get the answers I know I'll need.

Wii Play is everything I dreamed and more. I'm completely addicted (surprise surprise) to the mini-game of finding the different Miis. This is the first time in my life I've actually wanted to live in the dorms so I can play against everyone (Anna doesn't play video games...).

Also, I've hurt my foot. It sucks because I kind of use it all the time. Like, every other step. I intend to suck it up.

In other news, since I've gone to the hockey games, I'm now back in love with the game. It's terrible. As I used the camera, I had to remember that I wasn't there to watch the game but tape it for those not able to be in the physical form to do so. As I did the highlights, I had to remind myself to write down those important parts I was screaming/jumping for joy at.

Yup, I'm definitely back in love with my sport. I only wish there could be more.

Random Fact: On a relatively long-distance shot, 60 feet away from the goal, the goaltender will have 0.45 seconds to react.

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Jess said...

I saw you walking in front of the Newman Center after the game on Friday. I was banging on the window of my roommate's car and waving at you . . . apparently you didn't see me . . . or just thought I was a loser and ignored me.