Sunday, February 4, 2007


That stands for: How Many People Do You Owe? I shortened it.

So. My Jeep has a new battery in it. Long story short, Shawn is one of the nicest guys ever and my parents rock further than they ever have. This whole weekend ended up being completely different than I imagined, and it would have been a living hell had they not been involved.

I also have yet to find more reasons as to why being poor is better than being rich.

Having no internet still sucks, but we found out that we still have television for free, which is probably because we have to give the main box back to the company.

Wolf's Rain is even better than I imagined. I knew that it would at least get to my expectations, but it went way over. It not only makes me miss my puppies at home, but it definitely hits the nerve of being against animal cruelty, and that I'd never be able to do more than firmly tap my finger on my dog's nose to say "no". I actually cried at some of the parts. Of course, that's also due to the fact that I'm a freaking dolt when I become attached to characters. I suggest never watching films that have some sort of touching basis with me (especially if it's really cheesy and you like them like that... because I'll just end up making fun of it the entire time).

Things To Not Watch With Mallory:
Fruits Basket
Wolf's Rain
Pursuit of Happyness
Cowboy Bebop
Anything Miyazaki
Field of Dreams
In The Mood For Love

Just so you all know, I will defend to my own death that Spike is not dead. He's just resting his eyes... and will go home and complain about a bad mushroom meal from Jet. For cereal.

I only have one complaint about watching a television series. Flashbacks. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I tend to watch things when they come out on DVD, so, really, flashbacks are just useless because I just watched it. Of course, I have to say that anime does this way too often. More in a sense that, halfway through, I believe there had been a few months inbetween the actual showings in Japan, so they're giving an update to what may have been forgotten. Still. They'll do just about two-four episodes of showing just old footage from the previous episodes, and maybe throw in the voice of one of the characters talking about what they've "learned" or how they "can't believe that it all led to here". When watching the DVD version, I want to skip over it, but then I don't, just in hopes that there will be something there I've never seen before. I probably gain about... ten seconds of new footage that really doesn't matter.

Oh, and another complaint is commercials. I love just watching the DVD, if only because that means I don't have to suffer through bad jokes, acting or a new pill that will help people have sex (whether it be some sort of male enhancement or because they have an incurable disease).

I'm tired. And my laundry is done. Having clean clothes is so nice.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is great for when you just need a laugh. Updated daily. I love the anythings that make that happen.

Random Fact: Ants don't sleep.

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