Friday, February 2, 2007

Colds Are For Wimps And Communists

It was really weird to get home last night and find that I not only didn't have any television, but no internet either. I made dinner and thought "I'll just watch Mythbusters--oh, right. Well, maybe if I check youtube--oh, right." I actually and to comtemplate what else there was to do. I wasn't in the mood to sit down a read while I ate (a normal breakfast activity) and I wasn't in the mood to play video games because that meant I'd be taking breaks between to eat. I keep my focus while playing.

I ended up going through my DVD selection and finally just grabbing my Freakin' Sweet Collection of Family Guy, though I'd seen the episodes a bajillion times. It was interesting to see the animation of those days. I really believe they've cleaned up their lines and style (animation, meaning. If anything, they're more outrageous than ever script wise).

I just couldn't believe that I couldn't come up with what to do for the rest of my day. I'd made a list of things to do, all for the internet (mostly for this class, Weblogs & Wikis). I also planned on seriously looking at Austra Learn for my way of getting to New Zealand. I had to switch all my plans around.

Except that I didn't mind in the least. I went through the mess I call a room and reorganized it to it's normal standards. Over the week, I'd let it get out of the norm, but I'd had enough. Just when I was wanting to vaccum, I saw that Anna had taken the device back to her parentals house. I cringed at knowing I'd never want to sit on my floor, but at least everything was where it was supposed to be, along with some new ideas for where I wanted to have my school items.

The real question is, will I really miss watching television? Probably. I liked sitting down for an hour to watch Mythbusters, then realize that, yes, they're having a marathon for the next five. I liked checking out TBS & AMV movies. I'm particularly going to miss walking in to see Anna watching her VH1 shows of people freaking out on some dating show between a girlfriend who has to watch her boyfriend go out with someone else or being under some lie detector on the first date. I'll also miss the discovery channel.

As for internet, it's just going to be a hassle. I tend to get home late, and that's when I go for my internet. Even in the morning, I turn on my Wii to check out what the weather is supposed to be like, then read the news articles on the News Channel while eating some toast with peanut butter. I send random pictures from it to friends, messages...

I know I can live without them (I'm not going to get it through Charter or anything, just suck it up). If anything, I'll be able to focus on more important things, use my imagination more, like I'm made for, and catch up on writing letters back to folks I've received letters from. Correspondence is important, too. I'll even be able to do my internet homework from another location, a whole different experience (especially when you think someone is reading over your shoulder... bastards).

I don't think we're ever going to find that third roommate. Between us being two college chicks and there only being four months of the lease left (then we're bookin' it), it'll most likely be just Anna and I. Not that I mind. Cleaning up after both of us is enough work as it is. If another was added to the matter, I'd make it a requirement for some obsessive compulsive cleaner.

Orie lent me the first three discs of Wolf's Rain, an anime I've been wanting to watch for a good two years now. Sure, I like Cartoon Network, but they tend to get some really sucky shows in to surround the good ones, which they place at inconvenient times then chuck them for something else I'm not interested in. I'm pretty stoked to see what it's really all about. The episode I saw, I have no clue if it was the end or the beginning. Could have worked for either, really. However, now I'll know whether or not I really want to buy it. I tend to just buy anime's on a whim, just like I do random CDs of new artists. Cheap and could be something I enjoy enough (for cheap anime, check out Sun Devil DVDs. Whole seasons ranging from 15-30 bucks! Movies even cheaper! Just don't go to the Hentai section... Believe me when I say this. Seriously.).

I guess this means I'll go from my routine reading Hot Gimmick for the umpteenth time and watching cute wolves roam around as humans.

Best Animals Ever:

I actually like any animals. Giraffes are pretty fantastic, and hyenas are really unique! I suppose I just tend to think of those animals most.

Random Fact: A completely blind chameleon will still change to the color of it's surroundings

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Jess said...

Parental Control and Exposed are totally on MTV, not VH1. I live with four other girls -- the tv is always on MTV and the mess is perpetually growing.