Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Mobile blogging?

I can just see it now... A complete blog with condensed words like "lol", "pls" and bad spelling... on purpose. I've had it hard enough with IMing, if only because I don't believe in the "lazy" aspect. It's not even lazy anymore. It's habit. A new language I don't like. And to think this is our future, it makes me feel like those old people refusing to "get with the new". I'm still young! Don't let me be old already!

I've complained before, and I'll do it again: I want internet! I don't even care about television anymore. Heck, television has already made it on internet anyway. According to my Intro to Video teacher, it's what all the television companies are trying to be a part of anyways. But coming home to nothing... My Wii demands full usage.

I've just realized that Handbags And Gladrags = The Office Theme song. This saddens me that it took this long to realize. I feel depressed at my ignorance/slow-ability-to-realize-things. I blame this at the fact that I don't listen to Rod Stewart first hand.

Apparently, Halo 3 beta is being told to people, on whether or not they got in. And they're naming the e-mail "Halo 3 beta announcement". I'd be so excited for all those three seconds before it'd suddenly be "you didn't get in". That's cold.

Which brings me to my next point: Just go reserve Crackdown at Gamestop! For cereal! It's better to do now because it's only going to be the first shipment that'll have the Halo 3 beta on it, and the game is going to rock face. It comes out on the twentieth, if you're interested. Better to reserve than wait in line, that's what I say.

Random Fact: One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water


Jess said...

Mobile blogging seems ridiculous. I still usually write in complete sentences while texting and IMing.

Keal said...

Yo Mallory, mom told me about this blog thing you have. And I happened to read this one and thought I would tell you something. That Halo 3 Beta thing you were talking about and the email people get, well I just happened to get an email a few days ago that said "Congratulations Spyder 8, you have been accepted for the Halo 3 Beta". So yeah, you can tell that one to all your gaming friends.
Peace out
Your Brother