Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's All In The Hips

I checked out some of the other blogs.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. All I can say is "Ha!"

And that I can't believe I've come too late! Damn lawyers! I need to see this continue! For Cereal!

I not only find the man extremely amusing, but I love the way he writes and the information he receives. It's people like this that I adore; random fans never met, yet he never throws away their fan-dom.

He kind of reminds me of a toned down Maddox (I warn you, if you're faint of heart from swearing or dirty remarks, don't go there).

I also find it amusing that he has something against Scandinavians, probably because I am one.

His site isn't extremely out there, either. It's white, black writing, picture of... him? And has youtube videos I actually haven't seen yet.

I like the fact that it isn't really him that writes everything. I mean, the name is fakesteve. And the fact that he has to stop really disappoints me. Freedom of Speech. Ha.

If I never blog again after this post, know it's because of the comment above. I regret nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Fact: I've met Kevin Bacon through one other person. Go me?