Thursday, February 20, 2014

And Now, The Weather

Me: So, how long is this supposed to last? The snow looks like fun to me right now, it can't be that bad.

Tamu: Fun?

Me: Yeah, like, the snowflakes are all big and cute and I just want to go out there and make some snowpeople.

Tamu: Well, it looks like--


Tamu: Wait, wh--


Tamu: Girl, whatchu talking about? I don't see any--

Me: I'm on the site, and it says we are on a tornado watch. Currently, we are in a blizzard. THIS MEANS WE GET A SNOW TORNADO.

Tamu: Why are you so excited about this?! This isn't a good thing! Who wants to see this?!

Me: Me! Are you trying to tell me that you aren't looking out the window right now? I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE OF THESE I HAVE TO SEE IT.

Tamu: You're crazy. No one would want to see that.

Me: I'd bet you'd want to see it if it were a Shark-snownado.

Tamu: Not even a ghost one.

Me: Ghost-sharknowado.

Tamu: No. Not even if it came out of the snow to bite me.

Me: Oh my gods, the biggest disappointment.

Tamu: What?

Me: The warning looks to be for everywhere but Minnesota. Louisiana is so gods damn lucky right now.

Tamu: Seriously?

Me: You're right. It's not a snow tornado. I don't care anymore.

Tamu: You're sick.

Me: I'm sick of this boring non-snow-tornado weather, yes.

Tamu: Well, it looks like we're getting the snow until at least twelve-noon tomorrow. "Beware of snow drifts on the road," it says. Two to three feet tall. So, you'll have a snow-tsunami instead.

Me: It's not the same. Just let it go.

Tamu: I think you need to let it go.

Me: *sigh* Nothing is the same when you think a snow tornado into existence.

Tamu: I'm not sorry your imagination doesn't make things real.

Me: How big did you say those snow drifts will be?

Tamu: Two to three feet tall.

Me: Wow. That's, like, half my body.

Tamu: Oh, well, now you're impressed?

Me: I'm getting used to the idea.

Tamu: Only you.


Me: What do you have against Snownado?

Tamu: I can't handle that. I can handle a Snornado.

Me: Snornado? A storm of sleep?

Tamu: Yeah, a Snornado. I sometimes get attacked by one when I'm at my desk.

Me: Touche.

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