Thursday, February 20, 2014

Checking Up On Friends

Me: So, you're alive, right?

Friend: Affirmative.

Me: Because identifying your body right now does not sound appealing.
Unless you're dressed as a clown.
Then I would have to smother a smile.

Friend: That can be arranged.

Me: Can we do that another night? I'm busy.

Friend: Although I can only think of sexual connotations for being dressed as a clown.
So beware.

Me: Hrm... I suppose I knew what I was getting into, being your friend in general.
Bring it on.

Friend: Prepare to be scarred for life.
Prepare to be scarred beyond life.

Me: What's life without something that'll last?

Friend: Living a facade of an existence.

Me: Exactly. That is why I don't fear AIDs, or becoming paraplegic.

Friend: What about paraplegaids?
Haha, made you think about that one.

Me: Yes. That's because I have never seen that word in my life.

Friend: That's because I'm a motherfucking wordsmith.

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