Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Possible Satan Spawn

Anyone who thinks that Poison Sumac is an act of God, THEY'RE WRONG.

I have summer after summer of proof of this.

Between the tea tree oil, the Ivarest, the having it on your hands and arms and face to make one look like a mid-transformed dragon, and also making usual tasks a difficult feat, I can safely say that this creation was not God. God would never want this suffering upon someone.

I have been thankful that this case of sumac (or ivy, or oak... who the hell cares, it's THERE) hasn't been exactly itchy. The scale is on a low 1-2. However, on the annoying scale, it has received a high 15, over the thought highest peak of 10.

This morning, just as I was about to do a dance because I noticed my face has been becoming normal, I took notice that my hand was worse, and that I had an addition to that arm. My other arm wasn't looking any different, and I realized that my neck portion was probably going to take the longest, as my long hair and sleeping methods don't work as well.

Speaking of sleeping, it has been HELL.

The doctor said that I should sleep with a towel so I don't have to wash my sheets so often. This has proved so uncomfortable that I don't think I'm ever really sleeping. It's uncomfortable on my face, so I move to my back, but I never sleep on my back, so I can't sleep. It's like I'm sleeping on an airplane.

To make matters worse, I still have some scenes to shoot for my documentary, but I look like some raw blow fish. I can barely even edit my movies because moving the mouse and typing will either cause my sumac to become irritated because I'm moving against it, or my arms become sore since I'm holding them up very strategically so nothing gets touched.

Between these, I clean my dorm every day, freaked that something still holds the oils from the plant that did this to me.

I just want to have this over with.

But, per usual, this is only so much in my control.

Random Fact: Urushiol oil (the stuff that gives you a rash) stays active on any surface, including dead plants, for up to 5 years.

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