Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have an unfathomable love for certain men I've chosen to adore throughout my life. Some left as soon as they entered (teenage years had me loving people whom I later realized were for looks, not anything else). But, these are some that I will never shake.

David Bowie

As a friend once said, "David Bowie is like wine... he gets even better with age." I suppose the future will really tell true, but, until then, I will always get goosebumps when I think of his concert (best I've been to so far, hands down). I don't know what else to say. I understand that he's not the greatest actor, but, damn his music just touches my soul. I cannot ever place how much I adore him.

I also think he has a great sense of humor (see Extras).

Jeff Goldblum

He's funny, Jewish, and likes the environment. Whenever I talk about the guy I want in a relationship, my guy friends always use his name to pick on me, saying we were a match made in heaven.

I wish.

Neil Gaiman

This love is a little different. This love started with creativity, where I read a book by him, saw a film based on a book of his, and perked interest. I then found out that he did comics. And I read more of his books. And saw more of his movies.

I would love to shake this man's hand in hopes of ever creating such wonder. He'd be an awesometastic uncle.

Jon Stewart

I don't think I need to explain this.

Well Liked:
Christian Bale - Oddly enough, this was because of Howl's Moving Castle. I respect him now.
Tim Curry - Great actor. Love most of his work.
Dustin Hoffman - Wonderful everything. He makes me want to be an actoress.
Johnny Depp - He made me want to be an actress. Though he started doing films quite regularly now, slightly ruining the effect he once had on me, he still has my heart.
Shigeru Miyamoto - He created Legend of Zelda.
Owen Pallett - Most recent love. His music...
Paul Rudd - It started with Clueless. It's continued with the fact that he was on Friends, and then he appeared in "Wainy Days" in The Pickup. Also, props for Role Models.

Random Fact: These were the only ones I could think of at this time. And the only reason why John Krasinski wasn't on the list was because I've yet to like a movie he is in (but, hot damn, I'd totally date him).

/edit: I forgot to put Will Smith. I don't even know why. I've loved him since the day I saw him on TV.


DeLost said...

Have you seen the new season of Law and Order CI? Goldblum is doing good in it. Not as awesome as Chris Noth, but he's only had one ep so far. And I'd go gay for Gaiman. That man is a creative god!

Mandikat said...

....!?? You left out Kirby Puckett and Heath Ledger!!