Thursday, December 11, 2008

Text Messaging...

...can die.

I know this is supposed to be our little generations "thing" and all, but, to be honest, I really just dislike how impersonal it is. I mean, there was a small amount of personal feelings gone when email came out, but I can look over that thought of people not being able to write with their own two hands and instead type because, let's face it, some people just don't have good handwriting.

But texting has caused the worst in people--starting with literacy. If you don't believe me, go to the Writing Center at your nearest college, or type your text into your nearest computer's note pad and click "check spelling," which will, apparently tell you of grammar.

Maybe it's the whole time factor I've been tugging against since the day my mother told me, "Congratulations! You're now a woman!" when I didn't want to grow up (wait... I still don't...). People want to save those extra two seconds by pressing 'u' rather than typing out 'you.' I get ya! I mean, in those spare half-seconds, way longer down the road, when they've all collaborated... Ah, yes. Two more extra minutes to... what? Appreciate the world around us for what it is? If that were the case, texting wouldn't be so popular, much less have been invented.

In order to have a more positive outlook on texting, I did my best to at least make the sound a happy perk--the sound of Link taking out a treasure from a chest.

It didn't work.

Instead, I feel as if I'm constantly reminded that people would rather show me their inability to spell skills than talk to me face-to-face (or at least voice to voice... Though they cannot spell a word, I'm assuming as much that they can say the word, or else they wouldn't even try to mutilate it).

And, can I just say this right now? I hate when people write one worded questions/answers in text. All I can think about is, "Did that just cost me ten cents? I think that just cost me ten cents. Those bastards!"

But what I think I really hate most is when I'm talking to a person who can't seem to stop checking their phone to see if they have any texts. The social life in front of them isn't as important as the fake one through phones and Facebook, I guess. A world where no one has to see anyone, unless it's in a video or picture. I guess it's great for me, for the business I'm pursuing. But a bit sucky for relationships.

Sorry, boys. I'm interested in a man who's confident in his ability to see me face on. Tough luck, for most of you.

I suppose I'm being a little harsh on the subject. I mean, this gives so many people different ways to communicate, whether they're deaf or just have a hard time socializing. It also allows people to multitask, talking to three people at once, just like instant messaging, but on the go! And I guess I'm just a hypocrite, seeing as I use the internet consistently, even updating a blog and twitter.

But, seriously? Really? If I get texted 'k' one more time...

Random Fact: Giraffes have no vocal chords

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Mandikat said...

k wont text u nemore.