Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lay Back, Relax

On a Tuesday night, I will never starve.

By starve, I mean with meals. By starve, I mean with friendship. By starve, I mean with laughter. By starve, I mean with contentment.

I love being spontaneous.

But Tuesday is my night. It's our night. A night with specifics as to meal, relaxation, and nothing more. The only expectations are to be there by 6:30p.m.

I've never had something become dependable so quickly.

And the food is always good.

Random Fact: Aya is having a baby! How exciting!!!

1 comment:

DeLost said...

Man, first time I don't check your blog in a few days and you uberupdate. :(
Still good to know you are still alive. ^_^