Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Busy

The past couple of days has found me... rather happy. Despite the crap that happens, when I stare off into space, I'll come back to Earth and realize there's a smile smacked on my face. For no reason to explain except that I am in the true, honest-to-God Happiness that hasn't been here for ages.

It's almost as if I'm in love.

I just can't wait to see this wonderful change that is going to be happening. I am apart of our change, and it's the best feeling in the world.

I am surprised about the ban on Gay Marriage in California, Arizona and Florida, however. I never thought it would actually go through. And if we're banning that, does this mean we have to make sure gay people can still vote? All of it is ridiculous in my eyes--two people in love deserve just as much as the next. During a time when we should all be coming together, we're struggling to make sure we aren't--at least, that's how it feels at times.

The rain we've been having these days has just been a thought to me as if we're cleansing. Since the night of the election, it's been thunderstorms, then cool rain pouring upon our heads, but the weather initially warm. I feel so calm, despite the wariness surrounding me. I hadn't realized how much the election was affecting me.

And now that it's over, I feel as if there's been a great lift on my shoulders, from all around. There's no class next Tuesday, no homework for over the weekend really, Thanksgiving is coming up... And though I'm On Duty for Friday and Saturday, I'm just looking at it as time to catch up on some hardcore gaming. I rented Prince of Persia: Sands of Time from Gamestop, but I didn't finish it--but I want to get Warrior Within, next.

I'm even caught up on sleep. For the Gods' sake, I am actually sleeping well.

I have time to catch up on things I couldn't. I have some True Blood to watch (which I will get Amber on, since she's reading my Vampire series), an episode of The Office to watch (since there was an event I had to go to, and missed half of it)... and the stupid nerdy/love for vampire me is getting sadly excited for Twilight. I can't help it. What is it about things that can't possibly exist that rise my curiosity? Blah.

In other news, it has been set that I will graduate next Fall. After setting the classes and figuring out what's what, I'll finally be done. It's the most exhilarating feeling... I'm scared out of my wits, yet so relieved to finally be done... And there's so much to think about. Where to live next year, what to do with my life, whether to go for my MFA, internships... I still have my senior project to finish, too, which I'm starting next semester. Plus, my minor in Mass Comm (or will I make it a major if I'm getting my MFA somewhere else?).

There is so much to consider, thinking all at once can overwhelm--but I know that the next few weeks will have me searching for new places to go whilst remembering our new president and what else is being held for me in the future.

It's interesting. I spent so much of my life trying to prove to myself that I can do this, that I can be on my own without any guidance... yet, I'm afraid to let go of the hands that are pushing me to do so as well. So much opportunity, and with all the travel I want to do, now that we're starting new in America, I don't want to leave--I want to be apart of what happens. History, the thing I once hated, now is something that almost consumes me, as I'm apart of it.

There's a lot to think about--and all of it is actually in the positive. Who can say they have too many good choices to choose from?

Random Fact: On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents every day. I hope not to take home.

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kmeredith03 said...

Yea that ban on gay marriage is pretty "GAY". LOL!!!!OMG!!!!ROFL!!!