Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally Good

After the election. After the stogie. After the party. After the hugs and screams.

After that feeling inside of me, and the realization that I was proud, and things were going to change.

I went back to my room, sat and wondered what was next.

Then, I placed a CD in my player, hit play, and lay back to lavish in the idea that, yes, things were going to finally be okay.

Random Fact: President Barack Obama is the elected 44th president.


Mandikat said...

hardly a random fact, Mallory.

kmeredith03 said...

since when can we make comments on this site again? GOBAMA!!

Amber said...

Election-Stogie-Party-Hugs/Screams-Yep, it was a damn good night!! Welcome to the Obama Era.

DeLost said...

44th only if you allow for Bush Jr. actually being elected :D