Monday, August 11, 2008

New Status

So, Fall Training starts soon, and I'm pretty excited for it. I'm kind of disappointed at the fact that I can't do as much as I want to because people are cleaning and fixing my floor, but I look at it as a challenge--and the fact that my floor will be nice and pretty by the time people move in.

There's another Mallory in my building, and, to be honest, at first, I was a little apprehensive. The snob inside of me doesn't like the girls with my name. But this Mallory is different, nice even. She's nothing like me, which is a blessing inof itself. If she'd been the tall redhead with glasses like people had been claiming her to be, I would have been worried. As it is, she never wears her glasses and she dyed her hair brownish black.

But besides the RAs moving it, it's been a very subtle week. My car's steering gear was replaced, so it's not acting up anymore, and everything else has been great since then. Nathan and Josh, our new ARHD, have been hanging out and getting things ready, with their great senses of humor.

Our theme is The Office, so everyone got characters. I'm Karen, which I tried to not think of as an insult, but thought I'm probably a lot like and that's probably why I didn't like her character that much. We all wish we were someone else. But I'm okay with it, as it's just a theme.

As long as I don't have someone as a boyfriend who is actually in love with someone else. That'd suck.

Yesterday was my last day at Gamestop for a good week and a half, and then I go strictly to Sundays. It was an odd feeling, though, when a kid handed me seventy bucks for a video game he'd wanted for some time. I'd just gotten groceries for myself, sixty bucks worth, for the next two weeks. One video game is worth my eating for two weeks.

I suddenly could see the worth of my vital needs.


And since I've got my studies where they should be, I'm contemplating what to do next. Since screen printing seems to be out of the question (I'm still determined to see if I can get involved), my next step is getting back into choir. I've looked into personal lessons, and also to see if I can join Varsity--but that all depends on when they meet. Since this is an outside thing, my classes are more important. In the irony of going back to roots, here goes for having some extra fun (and getting credits while I'm at it).

Random Fact: The amount of time going into classes and being an RA is proportional to how much of a social life you won't have.

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