Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fainting Optional

Anyone like Coheed & Cambria? Anyone understand how wonderfultistic they happen to be, between their lyrics, storytelling and fantabulous riffs? Anyone understand why it's a need to see this?

How freaking awesome. Seriously. I would be blessed if I could not only get the time off, but to use that time for the good of my soul to see that concert. Four days. All four albums. I'd be on a music high for ages.

If-in you need to hear they're stuff, try their Myspace, their website (it plays near the bottom of the page) or, as I always say, buy their album. It's so good, you'll finally realize what your soul was missing.

It's Rock Opera. And they've also got comic books out (with other apparel). It's just... so good. Even my fish, Cornelius, loves when I play the CDs for his little fishy fins to hear.

Cornelius doesn't lie.

Go. Watch goodness unfold.

Guess you know what Mallory will be listening to for the next weeks times twelve. To the billionth power.

Random Fact: The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

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