Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here, Fishy Fish!

Cornelius is pretty much the best damn fish there could ever be.

A beta fish, you'd think he was pretty dumb. But from the first moment I saw him, I knew we were meant to be. He was singled out in that crowd, not paired with another beta and not in a proper container.

And, I don't like to brag, but I can definitely tell he likes me. Besides his normal sights, of staring off from the 7th floor of a dorm, or deciding whether or not the plants I've placed within his bowl are fake, he sees me and follows my every move. Moving my finger around, he follows it, and he trusts that when I point to the top of his bowl, there will be food.

I clean his bowl about once a week, just rinsing it and giving fresh water, and he glub glubs along, but I can tell he appreciates my efforts to make him as comfortable as I can. His fins glow, now.

Is it odd to have such a relationship with a fish? Because I have a small connection, and it will be a sad day when/if he will be no more.

Random Fact: 3% of pet owners give Valentine's gifts to their pets on Valentine's Day. I wonder what I'll be getting Cornelius this year...

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