Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ugh, Jokes

The dreaded April Fool's Day.

I'm usually all up for pranks and jokes, but, when it's college students, it tends to get out of hand. Condoms on doorhandles, or soap, people tearing up signs and decorating the halls with them... It's more of a gross inconvenience than a prank. Everyone laughs if it's otherwise.

However, I was pleased at how my favorite webcomic-teers took things into their hands. They switched the website names, did each other's... Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people) had a pretty epic one, I thought. Check 'em out asap to see the whole ordeal.

I just finished watching Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and, let me say... I was impressed. A lot of people thought the musical aspect was out of place, or that it was too dark... But I adored it, honestly! I knew what I was getting into Tim Burton-wise, but the music was really good, and it was funny. A dark humor, obviously, but still tasteful.

Except it got hard watching him slice the throats. Or stabbing. Not the type for slashers, really.

But it was highly enjoyable. At least a renter, in my eyes. Plus, there are a lot of celebrity name drops!

If you read the post before this, you saw that I managed to get out a poem. I actually mulled over that one for a while, writing it last Tuesday, then revisions throughout until today. It may not be finished (are they ever, especially in the writer's eyes?), but I think I'm getting better. I'm realizing the beauty of just sticking with an idea, rather than speaking a whole story. And being true to the poem, rather than the memory. Stories are for getting the whole thing out. Poetry is in the moment. At least, that's how I'm beginning to see it.

Poetry still makes me nervous to write, though. It's more intimate, to me. It's in the moment. It has to be just right. The words are more important, without all the riff-raff of miscellaneous words, such as "the" or "a," as you can get away with short sentences or create run-ons. It's all acceptable.

Writing is amazing like that.

It's Wii-Wednesday tomorrow. I really enjoy the wii-kly event (ha ha.... no?). Not everyone can come, but even if it's only for an hour, I find myself happy to share and see the friends that won't be around all the time next year, summer even.

I'm going to miss them all so much. People I met freshman year I now know pretty well, and it makes me sad to know that I didn't try to get to know them sooner. Graduating sucks.

It gets harder for me when they make such wonderful gestures of friendship, too. Blake, aka Spooner, gave me a signed poster of Motion City Soundtrack, something he got by helping out with the set up of the concert last year (he even played Frisbee with them!). Emily has entrusted talk with me, something that touches me because I have a hard time opening up, trusting in general, when it comes to friendship. Corey, someone I didn't think I'd get to know very well, even on the trip, lent me some Scrubs and I've found I have a lot more in common with him than I once thought. I'm sure he doesn't know my adoration for Zach Braff, but I usually have a hard time lending out items of electronics, as I tend to get them back scratched or half lost. At least I know he'll be around longer.

Even Traci and Martha are leaving. Traci I'd always had classes with, and she was really fun to hang around, but this year I'm really starting to talk with her and getting to know her better. Martha I've really been able to confide in and trust. Both are leaving (perhaps together in Boston!). I'm too late, it feels. I know we'll keep in touch, but I just wish...

In a perfect world, this is where I would be wonderful at keeping in touch. I would always return the call, write a letter or make the group event. As it is, in reality, I know that we're all going to have our own agenda. I've learned to accept this, and embrace any time to see old friends, waving away hardly seeing them with understanding. It just stinks where life sometimes leads us, down paths we never thought we'd be, whether for the best or not.

The blessing I feel is that I know that these people, whether we're in touch twenty years from now or not, I will consider us friends.

Unless they start a barber business, kill people, then use their bodies in meat pies. That'd be a difficult thing to get around.

Random Fact: n the year 1935 the United States Congress announced the first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day.

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