Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still Snowing

Everyone is talking about it, but the main fact is: it's been snowing since 10pm last night.

I've been enjoying every second of it, actually. Though I was a bit miffed last night (I went out in dry weather in flip-flops, had to leave trudging through snow back), I love it. It's perfect weather for snowball fights, snowpeople making and also a reason to stick around at friends' houses just to chat or play video games.

I finally got my door decks up:

I really went the distance, but I like how they turned out. Since I'd put so much work into them, I ended up laminating. No qualms, though.

I still have ages of work to do, that I amazingly am able to put off without mentally going crazy.

I helped out Traci on a project for class (easy 30 second commercial). I was just in the shots, but I called in Spooner and my old RA, Andy, as she wanted some more boys to be involved. I was just going to go home afterwards, but then we ended up talking and I went over to Spooner's with Andy to play some 64, then to Crap-mart to pick up some yarn (beer on their part).

I plan on making his mittens soon enough, but I really should stop procrastinating at some point to get done with Self-Evaluations for the RA position, writing a paper and thinking up my next bulletin board for my floor. I also want to double check my stuff for my summer RA position, talk with them and see how they like what I have to offer.

I hate the end of the year. There is always way too much stress, emotionally and physically. I lose sleep thinking and doing projects. And when I'm thinking, I usually refuse to do any other material of work on school because I'm too distracted anyway. Thus, my day hours increase whilst my sleep hours diminish.

If I don't get the summer RA/anything position, I'm on the debate of what to do. I've had more than enough offers to live. As much as I'd love to be home, I don't think I'd be happy with any job. I'm really pushing my egg basket at this double job at the dorms and Gamestop.

The snow is just amazing, though. Most of the time, when I look out my window, I can't see past two inches. A lot of people are hoping for school to be off tomorrow (ha!), but I think that it won't be so bad. Unless it's still snowing, warm weather will come in and melt it hardcore. Minnesota weather is just nuts.

Gotta love Motion City Soundtrack.

Random Fact: The first penny had the motto "Mind your own business"

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