Saturday, November 3, 2007

Better Now Than Before

My computer decided to crap out on me.

Of course, I'm much more thankful that it's happened now, rather than before. For instance, writing all of my assignments and plaguing the internet. Now is a good time to be studying and focusing on what I need to do, unlike when I needed to do the stuff said when I first got here. And I'm thankful that it is also within the year's warranty. This means that I can still get it fixed without paying out the ass.

I just want everything to be okay. Since it seems to just be the fan not working, once that is replaced, I can get at my New Zealand photos and music. I feel bad because I won't be able to show Auntie Meg and Uncle Mike my photos (except for the ones I get from here on out), but I can always send them through email when I get home.

But, this also means that I have to buy another memory card for my camera, as, though a gig of memory is a lot, for a full weeks worth, it won't be.

Especially since I'm going here in five days or so. My nerdiness is getting the better of me by going all out to see the sights of Lord of the Rings. I really can't help it. J, the boy who is going around with me, decided not to come at the last second, but he said that I need to go since it's kind of my calling. And he's right. What's me going to New Zealand without seeing the sights that pretty much made my decision to go to New Zealand final?

It's an eight hour tour, with a lot of trekking and photo opportunities. Here's a direct quote from the page: "The tour includes a free souvenir map, elf ears for photos and a hobbit like storytelling guide for the day."

I do wish to have someone with me, but what happens will happen. I'm a bit nervous that there'll barely be anyone with me, but a friend pointed out "Hey, presonalized tour." Now I hope no one else will be there.

So, basically, everything is set for my trip.

9th: Five AM bus to Wellington with J. Will find where I need to be to get on bus tour, then have pretty much best 8 hours of my life. After tour, will meet up with J again to have dinner of some sort, then hop on bus back to Palmy.

10th: Hop on 11 AM bus to Hastings (Hawke's Bay), meet up with Sam. Go to speedway racing arena. Sleep a good sleep.

11th: Beachs!!! Be lazy, tan and possibly see some outlooks.

12th: Drive around and just hang out. No worries.

13th: Hop on 11 AM bus to Tauranga to meet up with Sara. Since I get back so late, will probably just hang around, eat dinner and sleep.

14th: Go around city. Top of mountain drive and so forth.

15th: More just going around city and possibly go to outskirts of area just to see what life will bring.

16th: Hang around get also get ready for leaving (i.e. make sure pack is packed). Hop on 6 PM bus to Auckland, then get to airport for departure a day early. My flight....

Oh, shit. My flight! It leaves on the 17th in the PM. Like, a lot PM. There's no reason to leave this early for that... I'll have to change that (for no cost, according to bus route).

But doesn't it all sound like fun? The last week I'm here, stress free (except for the whole flight thing). I'm excited to go to California and spend time with my Auntie and Uncle. Thanksgiving! Seeing Savanna and Madison! Just relaxing.

Then, when I get home...

But I'll deal with that when that comes. There'll probably be an addition to the family via pets. And I'll know about my RA stuff. I'll be home, where I need to be. With my family, helping out. And maybe the traveling bug will be gone (either that, or I've sparked it's interest and I'll have to do this every year in order to be sane. I kind of hope for the latter, just for fun's sake. For money's sake, I hope I'll be kind of through for a little while. But I'll be a traveller at heart).

So, I'll try to update and the like, but since I actually have to move my ass to write on here, just know that I'm still having the time of my life. I'm taking pictures, seeing sights and living life as it should be lived. To it's fullest.

All right. Time to pack and study for my last test. Woot!

Random Fact: Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

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