Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Worth It?

I've been using Proactiv for more or less than a good eight months. It's not that it doesn't work, but it's not that it's great either.

I started just because the water at my college started to make my skin go crazy, as it's filled with more minerals and new things my body isn't used to. Then, every time I go home, I'm placed in completely different water environment, causing another skin reaction.

When I went to my doctor, she suggested some products that helped my skin cells regenerate faster, gave me some medication pills, ideas for lotion and my mother bought me Proactiv. Used all at once, my skin balanced back to normal pretty quickly.

However, I soon saw how dry my skin was getting, and by looking at the product, I saw the other products that was used it in, which are quite harsh on their own. When I called, they obviously recommended their own lotion, but when given the sample, it wasn't enough.

I cut down on the stuff to only once a day, in the morning, but I begin to wonder if it's worth it.

You're supposed to bring the usage up to twice a day, the morning and evening, so it washes the pores and stops blemishes and the like from coming and gets rid of the ones you have, blah, blah, blah. Typically, so I've heard, it takes about three weeks for a zit to form. So, when you start the product, it gets worse.

Then what explains the fact of getting one when you've been on the product for quite a few months?

One zit shouldn't be anything to worry about, especially since I've turned to natural things, such as Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E (which I just poke a hole in there and put it directly on, besides taking one every few days).

Yet, in the recent, I have noticed that my skin is still being difficult. This can be explained by many key issues:

*I'm in a new environment, a whole new country
*Stress from being away from home and school and money
*Proactiv not working correctly
*Eating Habits (though I've done wonderfully these past few months!)

I'm sure the list could go on, but I'm just worried about the "what if" list, which usually consist of gross outcomes. I just like knowing I'm getting my money's worth.

I should just see a dermatologist, as they could tell me exactly what to do. Eating healthy definitely takes a toll, but the more important is that I'm treating my skin correctly. I don't want the harsh products of Proactiv to do damage, since I have sensitive skin enough as it is. And I'm sick of going through so many other types of product for scalp, sensitive skin, etc... It's expensive. And those expenses could now be going toward the "pay off Mallory's loans" foundation, a much needed fund to be acquired when I get back to the states.

But I think the main problem is stress. Stress on school, on money, on time and on friends. There's always so much going on. I give dibs to how many people who are living right now. It's a tough thing, staying alive.

Besides my zit life (I'm sure greatly interesting for you all), I've just been managing to keep myself busy with other things besides studying. I just hate studying, but I've placed certain papers logically in a place where I can easily reach, so if I'm bored, I have no choice. You can tell how much I don't want to do something when I end up getting out of my most comfortable spot to grab something different to do, but I've found myself remember more stuff by being comfortable.

If they could place the information in an interesting story, I'd remember it in a heartbeat, as I read books all the time. It could also be more entertaining if I had to make a story out of it (which I could do, but that takes up so much time... as it is, I think that I may just do so, as I'm in fear for Intro to Business Communication, as it's more boring than picking up specks of dirt between a carpet).

Haven't spoken to my friend since yesterday, but I've decided not to worry so much about it. Someone else once mentioned that it's not my fault when I don't like someone in return--attraction is a huge factor, and whatever it is, it is. I just have too much on my plate to think too much about a mountain that can't be hurdled until later. Until then, I plan to stay on the other side until I have the right equipment.

For my 43 Things list, I have already gotten some cheers and comments, telling me to go all for it. It is one of the best positive things in my life, as it's as private as you want it to be, but still personal as no one gives negative anythings. The whole site is set up for cheering anything, from entries and comments to the original ideas in the first place. Of course, they have a set limit of only about five cheers a day, but that's just fine. Every time I place a "thing" on my list, a list of recent people come up as well. I'll place a cheer on a fellow "idear," then continue on. It's a small bit of goodness we all need to receive in our lives, and I highly suggest getting one. It's not only a way to write down what you want to do, but it allows you to keep a log going to show how you're reaching your point.

I need to do my laundry.

Carving pumpkins tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have some interesting photos (I'm doing Pac-Man!)

Random Fact: The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.

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