Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Like Me Time

I am so sick of slow internet. It's not just an irritation... it's an inconvenience as I try to talk to my parents, friends, teachers... It fluctuates so randomly. I'll have amazing connection, then none, then low, then excellent, then none...

I want to tell the school to stick it where it hurts, but it's not even their fault. All of New Zealand is behind on the whole 'fiber optics' deal.

I think it's mainly getting to me now because since I've gotten back from Australia, I've been wanting to show pictures, uploading and sharing through GoogleTalk, but it's been a job and a half for me to show people things.

I'm also not ready for school. I've skipped classes that I normally wouldn't skip, and though it's fine because it's only once, I'd rather I'd not done it at all. I'm in New Zealand, and it's important for me to get these grades up for when they transfer. I just can't get back in the mode. Two weeks of freedom, traveling around and meeting random people, and I'm ready to keep doing so. School is so monotonous. And I know I have at least another year after this (more if I decide to do my second major, even more if I want a masters).

I'll probably end up taking a year off before going to Masters, though... Maybe.

I just want to get schooling done so I can live my life, though, technically, I'm supposed to be living it in college because that's what college is supposed to be all about--learning new stuff but staying young.

And I'm having such a good time, laying back and not worrying. It's a relief to not do anything, no expectations.

But I know it's not to last. A life isn't supposed to be like that. There needs to be that responsibility. There needs to be discipline. But maybe that's my problem. I'm giving myself so much discipline that part of me is finally revolting against it's stupid rules. Against the fact that working hard doesn't always necessarily mean you'll get what you want, but not working hard usually does.

If only life were like a video game. The RPGs I play always have justice in the end. You fight your hardest, you go against evil in the face, you get the benefits now as well.

And you get a cool sword, shield, magic and maybe you get to find the love of your life while you're at it.

It's a small test for myself, really. The ability to just trudge onward, like a mile of upward hill, a few more yards away and then getting to the top to look around for a while, then slowly coming down.

Maybe I am at the top. And I'm just unwilling to get down because it took so long to get there.

Or maybe I'm just looking too into it and should just do what I'm told.

In the end, I know I'll be fine. I've never been able to not go forward. I'm the type that gets bored either way.

But until then, I'm liking this sleeping in, reading and talking with friends and family. I still have two months before I get home. Next week, real work is around the bend.

In other news, a Kiwi was completely shocked to hear that Minnesota lottery gets up over on hundred million because theirs rarely get up over ten. Even with the exchange rate, things are so expensive here, it wouldn't last.

Things I'd Do With Fifty Million Dollars:
*Pay off parents bills
*Give parents trip to Australia
*Buy brother loads of video games, 360 Elite and great sound system to go with his new LCD TV (maybe a bigger one if he wants it as well)
*Pay off college loans
*Go on full paid trip with Mandikat (Japan)
*Buy only organic foods
*Get another tattoo
*Go on full paid trip with Ashley (Greece)
*Give charity to Humane Societies
*Write all day long for three days in a row
*Play video games all day long for three days in a row
*Buy ellipse workout system
*Who knows what else

Random Fact: 'Jedi' is an official religion, with over 70,000 followers, in Australia.

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