Sunday, September 9, 2007

Number Eighty-One

Wow, you guys... I have done so much in these past two weeks, my head will explode if I have to do it all.

I've been to Australia and back, then also decided to continue on with the North Island of New Zealand, which we only saw the smallest part of.

Let's review what I've done...

I spent a day in Auckland, almost missed my flight, watched Meet The Robinsons (not that half bad), got a bus ride to Coogee Beach (where I stayed for six days), ate the best muesli in the world at Coogee Bite, walked along five beaches twice in the same day, ate some best damn "yeeros" from an awesometastic Greek man, went on multiple ferries, went on the Manly Islands, went to the Sydney Aquarium where I saw a platypus, crocodile, seals, sharks and a huge freaking stingray, saw the lunar eclipse, went to Queen's Park where everyone but me rock climbed (I took the photos) and used a bum's mattress as a crash pad, went to the Sydney Opera House, the Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour, saw a man get clothes-hanged for stealing shoes, went to a souvenir shop that had a bottle opener with kangaroo nuts as the handle, rented cars for the first time, got separated from our crew for almost five hours, found them again two blocks away from where we were, slept in the car, saw The Three Sisters (the middle reminds me of Jabba the Hut) at Katoomba, went to Perry's Lookdown, met two women who were awesome, froze my ass off camping, went to Oberon, headed to Mt. Werong and camped there, saw grey kangaroos (passing by), saw an abandoned silver mine in which I decided there was a shootout and that's why it's run down, took night pics with long exposure to make words with our flashlights, slept in a small tent with four people to keep warm at night, did Wentworth Falls, laid on beaches, slept at the airport, President Bush was flown in the same night at airport so we were "quarantined" together with strangers, flew on plane and watched At Worlds End and then waited at the airport for Claire, Joe and Melissa with Scott.

We saw birds, jelly fish, Scott went body surfing, I found a shirt in between rocks, Joe got Codeine for his cold, met a girl from Scotland and didn't shower for five days until we got to the airport (in which I had taken a shower when I got off the plane and before we got on it... thank you free showers, thank you...).

Then we did the North Island...

We did the Bay of Islands, collected glass and shells (which I'd done in Australia as well), stayed at a sweet as hostel, went to Cape Reinga (which I trekked in flip-flops), Ninety Mile Beach (which is actually only 64 miles), met people fishing off the beach who told us of a friend of theirs that took the head of a Great White Shark and sold it on the black market for about five thousand dollars, watched Goldmember and half of Snatch, went to Hot Water Beach, met a couple from Germany and Italy, dug on the beach and made our own hot springs, went to Cathedral Cove, passed by my Hobbiton Movie Set (which I've already made plans to visit later) and drove all the way back home for about six hours or more with a stop by a lodge to pick up more shit.

Then, I came back home and had an overwhelming amount of things to do, it seemed, besides the normal unpacking and saying hello. I called so many people, talked to so many people, looked at photos of other peoples trips, had to check my e-mail, sent many e-mails, checked many of my online webcomics (still not done), ate dinner, tried to talk with parents and really, overall, forgot some important papers that I rushed to finish (and only some completed). A test I took that got screwed over thanks to the Internet was said that the answers were taken into consideration (here's hoping I pass the damn thing), am completely worried about my past poems because people have had a long time to pick them apart and wrote a story about my trip that I'm not sure I particularly like (more so knowing the fact that everyone wants to read it... ugh).

I don't even want to think about the amount of money I spent. I'm on freaking vacation. And it was fun.

For more details, I guess we'll just have to see each other so I can show pictures and the like. I can't wait to give presents and make things out of the sea glass I found along the beaches.

I'm still debating on a Facebook account, just because that means I can get pictures from everyone else. I do so hate that thing. I'm barely even on Myspace anymore.

And I'm tan. Ha.

Random Fact: In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes.

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