Monday, September 24, 2007

Beach-Puma Halo Batman!

It's coming you guys. I mean, it's already the 25th here. But we still have to wait for this "world-wide release."

Halo 3.

I don't own a 360, though this doesn't mean I don't want to (Keal, why don't you just freaking get the Elite so you can give me your old one?!).

But I'm super stoked for the game to come out, and I'm hoping for some invite so I can watch the whole thing going down.

I've chosen to celebrate by watching many episodes of Red Vs. Blue. No one in my hall has a 360 with Halo on it. I had to explain to my Media Skills teacher "what Bungie was." And everyone else thought it already came out (don't test my skillz with a 'z'!!!!).

Now, I have to go work on my "homework," which is definitely not watching House. Or more Red Vs. Blue. DEFINITELY not....

Random Fact: “Halo 3” has more audio than 20 feature films combined, including the following:

* 39,000 lines of dialogue
* 13,000 sound effects
* Music totaling six hours of continuous play

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Keal said...

OMG!!!!! 12 HOURS AWAY!!!! I HAVE IT RESERVED AT GAMESTOP FOR THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE!!!! Oh and by the way, I did get the Elite, but I had to trade in my other 360 to upgrade to it. So sorry about that.