Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Simple & Clean

I don't think I've ever missed video games as much as I do now. Of course, listening to it's music doesn't help. But I can't help it.

In all reality, music makes the game. Or movie. If there weren't any music, I highly doubt things would be as scary/happy or any real feeling in the least. Even before we were able to record sound, people would play music with the picture.

It's just a trigger. Listening to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts just makes me miss playing the fantasy world. Given, this is also giving me more and more creative being to stories--but, to be honest, I don't have much time for that. Travel writing won't really allow me to write about the traveling instances in which my character would romp around a mystical land, and Media Skills would doubtfully allow an article on... well, maybe it could use an article on why there are other games besides rugby (for the love of God, there is more than a rugby game!!!). As it is, I should really be enjoying the lovely around me.

But it's been rainy and windy. And during those times is the times when I'd make some good hot chocolate, popcorn and sit for a night with a friendly Mario.

There are very few people here to play video games, and if they do, it's normally the games I don't tend to play because I don't own an Xbox 360. I think it's more than time to invest.

Otherwise, I'm pretty excited for Australia. We only have ten days, but I know that we'll be visiting the zoo. I'm a little nervous about money, but when am I not?

I hate money.

And I hate the people that came up with it.

I'm giving love and luck to my brother, whom will be going to the tournament for Major League Gaming. I kinda wish I could be there for him, and see what it would be like, but I highly doubt he'd enjoy the "support." After all, I am his stupid sister.

Things in Kiwi:
Q-tips = Ear Buds
Bangs = Fringe
Comforter = something I can't spell, but it sounds weird
Granola = Muesli
Fries = Chips
Hot Dog = American Hot Dog (their hot dog is just enveloped completely, and they apparently like it better...)
Cookie = Buscuit
Sucker = Lolli
Jell-o = Jelly
Cooler = Chilly Bin
Apartment = Flat
Counter = Bench
Eraser = Rubber
Comforter = Duvet
Bathing Suit = Togs
Blinker = Indicator (as in driving)
Hiking = Tramping
High School = College
College = (only) University
Mail = Post
Drunk = Pissed
'#' Pound = '#' Hash

Otherwise, they spell things with "ou" (as in colour) or "re" (as in centre). I've just realized how many Kiwis have asked me to spell something for them... and I've probably led them in the wrong direction because we spell things completely differently in the states (program = programme).

Random Fact: Only 55% of Americans know that the sun is a star. (maybe it'll change now that I've posted this...?)

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Aspen said...

Ooooh. I miss all the funny words and spellings. I bought a New Zealand Oxford Dictionary while I was there to look things up.

You should try Milo... it's hot chocolate but better.

And you should try Wheatabix/Weatabix... sp?

And they don't call it "Windy Wellington" for nothing. There were a few nights I thought we were going to blow away - as the house was built on the side of a hill (as most are). But it started getting warmer around October... *grin*

Gah I miss that freaking country.