Friday, August 17, 2007

Sad Feeling

So, for the past couple of days, I've been trying to hide the fact that I'm not crazy happy. It's not that I'm not excited to be here, because I am. But I've been semi-depressed for some odd reason and finally decided that I was homesick, with a revelation today that I will write my own book.

However, I then get some depressing news that Bill, my best friend Ashley's mentor, died this past Tuesday. I never got to meet Bill (not for lack of wanting to, I'll tell you that much), and it's more than unnerving that Ashley has to go through this when it's my greatest fear. To lose someone that close to me, I just don't know how I'd react.

Ashley has always been a bigger girl than me in the sense that she's got the experience. At Perpich, being around her was like being around my mother; she'd take care of me, cuddle with me and gave me good advice. She's more willing to do things than I am, so when I come down the road to finally get the courage to do it, she's filled with enough wisdom to tell me how it'll go down. And if she hasn't come to that road block yet, she's at least got an idea of how to tackle it or gives me the courage to do it.

When I read her blog pertaining to the incident, I was happy in a way to see that she was reacting in the same ways I know I will act when any person close to me will act: wanting to smash the nearest valuable item to shards, scream until exhaustion takes over. I feel guilty about being pleased with it, but it's mainly because it just makes me feel even more connected with one of the few friends who has stuck by me since we've first met (thank God for David Bowie concerts). But it still hurts me more than ever to know that I won't be there physically for that best friend, no matter how she says she's thankful. Being hugged by the people you love is more curing than any pharmaceutical medicine.

Since I've left my hometown:
*Bridge has fallen down
*Flash Floods
*Forest Fires across US


In all reality, I should be thankful I'm not apart of it and thankful that none of my friends are hurt (though Ashley's boyfriend was caught in the flash flood and ruined his car... Damn it, I want to help her!). But it seems that every time I look at headlines, nothing good is coming from them.

This is partly why I am in the Mass Communication business. I am extremely sick and tired of news that terrifies everyone. It's literally what keeps the industry alive is fear. Fear of death, mostly, but of a lot of things that leads to death.

Today's Headlines:
*I-94 Closure This Weekend Means Lots Of Detours
*Bridge Collapse Death Toll 11, Remains Identified
*Rep. Sentenced To Probation For Domestic Assault
*Man Sought In Minnesota Slaying Arrested In ND
*3 Rescuers Dead, Others Injured At Utah Mine
*Midwest Air Accepts TPG Offer, Rejects AirTran Bid
*Recovery Help From The Army Corp Of Engineers
*Good Question: Can A Dog Truly Be Tamed?
*Lawsuits Allege Laxative Causes Kidney Damage
*5 People Killed In Ketchikan Airplane Crash

And people are wondering why there are so many depression cases, as well as the depression commercials?

And, to say the least, I was more than disturbed with what I heard about therapists for Harry Potter, which I'd heard over the radio in New Zealand about America a week before the book came out. What in the hell are people doing making therapy for a freaking book when there are actual things, such as, oh, let's just say, A FREAKING WAR WHERE REAL PEOPLE ARE DYING, could be using some therapy. For Jesus, where the hell are priorities? It's either one of two things:

1) People brought up the hype so much that the government and some other psycho people truly believed there would be some huge mass depression that would cause many children to bleed from the ears or commit suicide. Or they just are that stupid.

2) People really are that affected by a fantasy novel rather than real life and parents aren't doing their job to raise the children to know the difference. Thus the reason why we have so many serial killers and the like. And we really do need all the help we can get if this is the case. I know that I am affected by a fictional character just as the next person is, but, in all seriousness, I'm not going to freak out because a character may or may not die--it's fiction.

Or, Secret #3) Someone was really hoping for a lot of money on the matter and quickly made a statement in hopes that it would be correct so they could be just rich as J.K. Rowling herself.

For some reason, my finger keeps pointing it to number two, though number three gives a very good point. However, as good a point as it makes, I have to say that number two causes number three, so it'd come first.

Moral of the story: If you ever have kids, tell them the difference between reality and fantasy. It's kind of like the Bible (now, don't yell at me, this is just my little theory); the stories may not be real, but they bring up some very good questions and has their own little words of wisdom we may or may not take to heart.

I'm hugging you right now, okay Ashley?

Random Fact: A frog can't empty its stomach by vomitting. To empty its stomach contents, a frog throws up it's stomach first, so the stomach is dangling out of it's mouth. Then the frog uses its forearms to dig out all of the stomach's contents and then swallows the stomach back down again.

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Anonymous said...

i am mallory sick... a form of homesick, but i am home and mallory is far far away. i love you . love reading your blog and sending you a hug from me, your dad, your brother, mocha and maggie and the state of minnesota.