Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dreams Come True?

Last year or so, there had been a form to sign up to be Ellen DeGeneres Show. My mother, a frequent watcher (meaning, whenever it's on, she's watching it), prodded me to sign up, but I ended up being too infatuated with work at school. I was "living the dream" with working at the KBSU station (which, by the way, has all new equipment thanks to a retiring man! I am more than so excited to start up our show again with new cameras, set and possibly people!) and a side job at Gamestop. I didn't particularly want to leave everything behind when I was just getting started in what I loved to do.

But now, being in New Zealand and figuring out the world, I have realized that I could really use what I have to make this world a better place now, not later. I'm not really sure what I'm waiting for when I not only want to do it now, but I know that I can do it. I'm only a backstage gal when necessary. And when it comes to making our world a better place, we have to do what we can at any time at any age.

So, I gave my information to Ellen DeGeneres:

I am a twenty-year-old woman who is on a mission to change the world. Living in a small town for most of my life, I have recently decided to take it upon myself to make things happen and am now in New Zealand for the next five months or so studying to be a professional writer and also adding on a Mass Communication major. A lover of music, television and books combined, I've become a DJ at the university I'm at in Palmerston North, taking time off from the assistant producer job at the television station I worked at through my other university in Minnesota (Bemidji State University) while aspiring to become the next J.K. Rowling with any spare time I find. I plan to use my Mass Communication major to show the world that there is something more than violence and war, because there is more negativity in the media than ways to help create a place better for everyone. One of those ways is music, the most mood setting because music is everywhere. I hope you consider me to be the next DJ if only because I know you're already in the race to make our world a better place!

Of course, everyone who knows me knows that I wanted to say more. But, I didn't want to come off as arrogant or talkative or give away my blog site because I'm sure everyone else would be doing the same. I'm hoping for an e-mail of some sort to say something to the effect of... I don't know what. Maybe at least to sign up next year.

In random news, I have come to the conclusion that the girls who are in my dorm watch really bad television/movies. At the moment, they're watching a film that has Paris Hilton and it's basically all about sex and girls being beautiful, not something I'd particularly want any child of mine watching if/when I ever get one. To be honest, I can't watch those kinds of movies anymore. Sex jokes lost their taste around the age of sixteen. I never found American Pie funny, which really put me outside of the crowd. I like creativity in a joke.

Usually, this is what separates me from "the guys," considering I tend to have more guy friends that girl friends. This is mostly due to the video gaming factor, but the other part is girls get catty. The things you see in the movies is, sadly enough, sometimes pretty close to how girls get. Ever seen Mean Girls? Story of many girls' lives.

In the best of news, my friend Ashley is doing pretty okay. I ended up staying up until midnight the night I wrote my other post (seven AM her time) so I could call her and see how things were. She's so much stronger than I am. I'm more than thankful to have her in my life.

I also got an e-mail back from my old adviser, Claudia, from PCAE. She was more than pleased to hear how I was doing, but I was more pleased to hear back. Perpich was where I started seeing the world (can you believe I thought racism was "over" until I went to the cities?). The people there helped me grow, allowing me to find myself and also want to explore more of the world. And here I am, in New Zealand.

I have many people in my life to thank now that I'm here.

So, I don't know if any of you read Candi Comics, but do any of you know what the hell will happen? I'm hoping for Linda to get what she deserves, though, personally, I don't think Alex and Candi will ever be more than friends. My guess is something to the effect of Candi finally getting over Alex, then Alex wanting to start the relationship up again, but they just find that they're over. I just have no clue what will become of Linda, though. What can happen to someone who practically breaks up a couple and then moves in on the boy?

In my last news, I'm not happy with my poetry assignment, in which we write about "loss." I decided to go with my Great-Grandmother Verna because I have luckily not been through that hardship yet and he doesn't think using pets is "emotional" enough because "they're just animals." I don't agree with that, but he's the teacher. And I already have a pretty good idea for what to use with Verna. Then, I have to whip up another poem that I know I'll regret ever allowing to hit the papers.


I'm supposed to be a writer. Why is poetry so hard, then?

Random Fact: It has been estimated that the fear of the number 13 costs Americans more than $1 billion per year! (Sorry for being born on Friday the 13th, Americans... But I can't imagine being cause for such things!)

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